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Former Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom, 35, is in a coma with brain damage due to a 3 day sex and alcohol and drugs binge at a legal brothel, with only a 50-50 chance of recovery according to some news. The former husband of Khloe Kardashian was said by some to be having a […]

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Following some investigative journalism, a cold case from 32 years ago was reopened, where wrestling legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka ended up being charged in the murder of his then girlfriend. Back in 1983, Jimmy Snuka made a questionable report to police that his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino, had somehow hit her head on a highway when […]

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Shaquille O’Neill, the once dominating giant NBA star created a little earthquake when he fell while simply offering commentary for INSIDE THE NBA. The big man caught his leg in a monitor cable and the rest is history. Shaq is such a great sport that he’s offered $500 of his own money for the funniest […]



Now retired, Mark Callaway, who was formerly known as professional wrestling’s “The undertaker” has found a new life as a real estate investor. He owns a multimillion dollar building in Loveland, Colorado called the “Calahart”. And Callaway is actually a very nice guy in real life unlike hid dark and sinister “Undertaker” character. He has […]

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Professional racer Danica Patrick tells us how much she sometimes loves to cast off her tough racing mindset and just be a woman. And what a woman she is as some of her most sexy photos here well illustrate. All we can say is wow, wow and wow! She’s certainly our favorite professional athlete, and certainly […]


NBA Guard Rex Chapman Arrested For Theft

Former NBA guard, Rex Chapman, who played for 12 seasons as a professional basketball player, including with the Phoenix Suns, has been arrested for theft. He reportedly stole $14,000 for an Apple Store by pretending to use the self-checkout lane, shoplifting the merchandise, then selling the stolen items for cash. The 46 year old is […]

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Hey, It’s “Painted On Top” Soccer….

Germany had a painted on top soccer event a while back that worth a good look. Who knows whether or not it was good soccer or not, because the girl’s tops were painted on and it was kind of hard to concentrate on the game itself. – Even you guys who aren’t really soccer fans […]

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Soccer Girl Busts Out!

Hey, no wonder that soccer is big! Bombshell blonde fan, Gaby Wolsham, who has been featured in the Mexican version of PLAYBOY, got so excited during a soccer match that her top just couldn’t take it any longer and her boobs just had to wave their excitement at the game as well! – And Gaby […]

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$9 Billion NFL Enjoys Nonprofit Status

Many Americans would be surprised that the NFL, which is a $9 billion a dollar industry, actually has been granted nonprofit status by Congress. Amazingly local and state tax dollars are regularly used to upgrade football stadiums, at the same time that this industry is also exempt from antitrust laws regarding it’s television broadcasting rules […]

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Anderson Cooper Blasts Dennis Rodman

Anderson Cooper feels so strongly about Dennis Rodman’s controversial trip to North Korea to celebrate the birthday of  dictator Kim Jong Un, that he took to Twitter to call the former NBA legend “deeply stupid” for his views on North Korea. Human rights experts are deeply concerned about the execution of Kim’s uncle as well […]

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Millionaire NBA Player Stomps On Homeless Man

Houston Rockets player Terrence Jones was charged with harassment after he reportedly taunted a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk, ordering him to “Wake Up!”, and then stomped on the 46 year old homeless man. It was an outrageous crime that many found very offensive and yet another of poor conduct by another millionaire athlete. […]

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Dennis Rodman Believes That He Deserves A Nobel Peace Prize

Never the shy one, outrageous former NBA basketball great Dennis Rodman believes that he should win a Nobel Peace Prize for his trip to North Korea to meet with dictator Kim Jong Un. Un turned the appearance by Rodman into a sort of photo opt propaganda piece that seemed to whitewash all of the poverty […]

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NBA Series Now Tied!

The Miami Heat staged a late comeback in a possible elimination game six on Tuesday, beating back the San Antonio Spurs, who led for most of the game, for Miami to close late to narrowly win the game in overtime, tying the NBA finals series at 3 games each. A game seven tiebreaker game will […]

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Now Miami Is Feeling The Heat!

The NBA Finals took it’s latest weird turn as the San Antonio Spurs were able to come back from their loss at home to win Sunday’s game by 114 to 104 over the Miami Heat who have developed a strange streak of not being able to win two consecutive games of 12 wins backed by […]

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Did The San Antonio Spurs Blow The Championship?

San Antonio fans had to be shocked at last night’s game, where San Antonio lost at home to the Miami Heat who came back from the third worst NBA finals defeat ever on Tuesday to stun San Antonio on their home court. Last night’s home loss may mean that it’s only a matter of time […]

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