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Facebook Sanctions ACLU Over Nude Statue

Facebook is so overly sensitive about nudity that the social network actually banned a link to a story the Kansas ACLU was running on their site for lawyers to read about a case  where the right wing American Family Association was spearheading a fight over a nude statue. Facebook banned a link by the ACLU chapter […]

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AOL, George Zimmerman & George Zimmer

How unfortunate is this? When you punch AOL today looking for the latest news related to the controversial George Zimmerman, the only photo that seems to pop up on the right hand column is that of George Zimmer, the recently fired founder of the Men’s Warehouse by the company board in a sort of coup […]


Cat Beards? Major League WTF?

A strange little Website features otherwise normal people deciding to use their cats as props for beards, Ok? Yet another strange Website for an idea that seemed Ok for about a moment or two, until the cat got spooked, freaked-out and clawed their faces so bad that now they’re all candidates for face transplants or […]

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Google Recognizes Palestine

It may seem like a subtle thing, but Google has decided to upgrade the status of the Palestinian Authority territories to that of Palestine. It is just another small but significant step that comes only one year since the United Nations decided to upgrade the Palestinian Authority into a non-voting observer status. Israel’s government has […]

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Russia’s Controversial Vk Social Network

At the age of just 28, Vk(V Kontakte) founder Pavel Durov has become one of Russia’s youngest millionaires, worth an estimated $260 million, but not without a lot of controversy. Vk seems to borrow many of it’s social networking ideas from Facebook, but it’s the amount of copyrighted material not posted by the copyright owners […]

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Women File Lawsuit Against Revenge Porn Site

A class action lawsuit by a group of women has beeen filed against a Texas-based “revenge” porn site, Texxxan.com. One beautiful 32year old woman, Hollie Toups, has helped to lead the efforts as a former boyfriend submitted personal photos and other information without her approval or consent to punish her after their breakup as a […]

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Wank Worthy Facebook Girls?

A Facebook page with the quaint old title of Wank Worthy Girls has set up shop on the social network since September 13, 2012. And has produced more than a few stunning and provocative photos to delight readers of this outrageous Facebook page. So are these girls truly and indeed wank worthy as advertised? You […]

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Sexy New Year!

There’s some great graphics and GIF art floating around the Web to celebrate New Years. Here’s a few of the best. You have to hand it to these artists who certainly know how to get 2013 off to a very sexy start! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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MC ART : A Righteous Motorcycle Art Site If Ever There Was One!

If you dig classic motorcycle art and vintage photographs, then you’ll totally dig MC Art, a website entirely devoted to the art of the motorcycle and the biker lifestyle. MC Art even has some great original art design t-shirts and art prints for sale as well. You need to be all tooled up and buy […]

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Facebook Stock Lockup Period Ending Thursday

Facebook stock could have as much 1.9 billion more shares up for public sale soon, but only if insider executives decide to sell their own shares. It seems that the customary 90 day stock lockup period after an IPO(initial public offering) is ending soon, possibly making many more shares of the stock available on the […]

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Evil Baby?

Nature or Nurture? Are some babies just born bad, or do they become that way because of the environment they’re raised in. There’s probably no clear cut answer. But, today Huffington Post is running a funny photo piece on evil babies. You need to check this one out for a laugh. Check out “14 Evil […]

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G-d No! Go Daddy Abandoning Their Sexy Ads!

Oh, say it ain’t so Virginia! But, those business czars over at Go Daddy have decided to abandon those sexy ads that have become the domain registration company trademark and go with more conventional and conservative ads in the future. And even worse, Danica Patrick’s role at at Go Daddy could even be phased out […]

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Banned From Graduation! Bikini Photos On Facebook Lead To Court Battle

Facebook seems to have a controversy a day over something or other, including their declined stock value from their recent IPO. The site has also often taken to banning bathing suit or bikini photos, let alone outright nudity or sex acts that some have posted on the site. Celebrity Courtney Stodden found herself banned from […]

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Major League WTF Caption Contest

This is unexplainable here. Light years beyond bizarre. It’s from the last known copy of the ill-fated and short lived humor magazine, FOOEY, ever published, May 1961 #4. Can you come with some caption for this? (If you can’t, then we don’t blame you. Some things are just too out there.)

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The Tulisa Contostavios Sex Video Scandal Illustrates The Nightmare Of Compromising “Revenge” Web Posting Of Private Moments

A controversial ad running on Wizbang Pop needs to addressed here. The sex video scandal for X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavios only illustrates just how easy it is for a former boyfriend to post compromising videos of former lovers Online to hurt their reputation. A number of Websites actively encourage ex-boyfriends to post compromising photos […]

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