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A few weeks ago, American-born Yaakov Katz became the new editor of the respected JERUSALEM POST. The 36 year old is an expert on military analysis and has served as an advisor to the government in the fields of economics and education matters. Very important to him is journalistic independence, honesty and integrity. He lamented […]

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Donald Trump sent up another dangerous signal that he would rule with an iron hand with a new proposal to enact new powers to sue the press for libel. There are no federal laws which deal with press libel, where all press libel cases are heard at the state level, where those suing need to […]

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NEW YORK POST Monica Lewinsky Cover Raise Eyebrows

The NEW YORK POST cover with the new Monica Lewinsky cover sure raised more than a few eyebrows with it’s outlandish theme. It seemed more like a bad joke than anything to many, despite what could have an interesting story to many….Or, maybe the opposite is true. Maybe, Monica Lewinsky just seems like too much […]

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Public opinion seems to have jelled against the cover of ROLLING STONE that featured a self-shot Facebook photo of  Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  ROLLING STONE offered up a very serious journalism piece of journalism here, a stunning portrait of how a seemingly normal young man interested in normal young guy stuff could somehow follow […]

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Tabloid Claims George W. Bush Suffering From Alzheimer’s Disease

THE GLOBE is notorious for publishing dead wrong information, so don’t take anything they print as the Gospel truth. This latest issue of THE GLOBE is probably another good example. One story claims that friends of former President George W. Bush claim to fear that he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, and that he’s become so […]

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Halloween Over At Paul Ryan’s House?

Editorial comics are having a field day picking apart the candidates these days, and one especially funny comic has caught a little attention because it has a little fun with all of the “vouchers” that V.P. candidate Paul Ryan seems to be talking about, besides combining a Halloween theme. And with the Romney-Ryan ticket apparently […]

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Kate Middleton Bottomless In Danish Magazine

Some new photos of Kate Middleton without her bikini bottom have been apparently published by a Danish weekly tabloid, Se og Hor, which are sure certain to create a whole new Royal Family controversy for the next few days. But, on the bright side you can say that it gives you a new idea for […]

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More Kate Middleton Nude Photos From 2005?

WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, which has a terrible reputation for little more than fiction writing has come up with two new claimed nude photos of Kate Middleton, supposedly from 2005. While one B&W one looks interesting, the second looks like a bad photo shop-type altered picture. unfortunately, WEEKLY WORLD NEWS is the same outrageous newspaper that […]


Larry Flynt Offers $1 Million For Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

Larry Flynt opened up his independent 2012 election mischief campaign this weekend as he purchased full page advertising in the Sunday and weekend issues of USA TODAY and THE WASHINGTON POST offering $1 million to anyone who will sell him a copy of Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Flynt’s ads are seeking, “unreleased tax returns and/or […]


October Surprise?

The biggest blockbuster news story being missed right now by the mainstream media is the events leading up to a possible huge “October Surprise” war against Iran that could whisk President Obama back into office by a wide vote margin. According to Russian news and other foreign sources, top cleric and military leaders are warning […]


Prince Harry Nude Vegas Scandal Gets Worse!

As if a whole week of bad news for Prince Harry hasn’t brought him enough shame, now word comes that his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, has dumped the prince. An insider claims that Cressida felt “humiliated” by the nude photos of the prince who reportedly also played strip billiards with at least one other naked young […]


Reports Tie Bain Capital To Death Squad Money Trail

A number of new reports including by THE HUFFINGTON POST are linking 40% of Bain Capital’s startup funds, or $9 million to right wing El Salvadorian families that were the prime funders for “death squads” of paramilitary assassins meant to murder land reformers, Catholic clergy, and leftists who supported land reform and other progressive movements […]


NEWSWEEK’s Controversial New Romney Cover

Although NEWSWEEK will be ending their print version of the 79 year old magazine at some point, the magazine is still managing to make parting shot news with more controversial covers. The latest seems like a terrible personal swipe at presidential candidate Mitt Romney, where the magazine calls him a “wimp” and even suggests that […]


NEWSWEEK Ending Print Magazine After 79 Years

Shocking news from the world of publishing is that NEWSWEEK will end it’s printed magazine soon, simply becoming an Online Website version of the news. Signs of the demise of NEWSWEEK were pretty clear from some of their outrageous and sensational covers in the last few years as an attempt to shock customers into buying […]


George Zimmerman: A History Of Arrests And Workplace Violence Emerges

By Saturday, investigative reporting has turned up some more new unflattering information about George Zimmerman, the 28 year old neighborhood watchman who shot an unarmed 17 African-American boy which has captured the public headline news the last few days. According to his former co-workers, Zimmerman was fired from a security job providing security for house […]