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A German third party vender  worker at VW has been killed by a factory robot. The worker was installing a new assembly line robot when the machine grabbed the worker and then then pinned him against a wall, crushing his chest. While it is not really know just how many humans have been killed by […]

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Honda sure knows how to innovate, and never envisioned how their tiny Ruckus mini-motorcycles would ever become such a big craze among young people. What started out as a very minimal and stripped-down version of the 49cc motorscooter has only evolved into a wild fad for building custom mini-street legal motorcycles. Only just 73 inches […]

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Tiny American Assembled Car Gets 80mpg

A tiny three wheeled American assembled automobile that sells for only about $6500 gets an awesome 80mpg with a top speed of 55mph. Assembled from imported parts, the small two passenger three wheeled cars borrow much of their technology from motorscooters including the fully automatic CVT transmission. Only 96 inches long, and just 54 inches […]

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The Very Rare Lightburn Zeta Automobiles

From only 1963 until 1965, just 363 automobiles were produced by the Australian washing machine and cement mixer company, Lightburn. However, the small and underpowered  cars from Down Under were a victim of poor market timing, introduced  at the same time that the original Morris Mini were on the Australian market. The Minis were an […]


Harley Davidson Going Electric?

Of all of the companies to introduce electric vehicles, Harley Davidson now appears to be moving ahead with plans to sell electric motorcycles. Electric vehicles have a lot of torque, are quiet, and are environmentally friendly. – On the negative side, this is Harley Davidson we’re talking about here, and without that familiar “potato-potato” engine […]

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Russian Homemade Studebaker Avanti

Hey Comrade! Soviet man build Studebaker Avanti from two motorcycles, become hero of the state! – Actually one Russian man wanted to own a Studebaker Avanti so badly that he had to build his own, and built this custom frame and body that bolted two motorcycles together to create this fascinating homemade version of the […]

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Incredible Self-Balancing Motorcycle!

Click Here For Self-Balancing Motorcycle! Here’s an incredible piece of technology. This amazing two-wheeled motorcycle actually self-balances and remains upright on just two wheels in nearly every condition and will not fall over because of two gyros. This stability control is similar to space telescopes and other high tech equipment. Absolutely incredible!

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Confederate Motorcycles $100,000 R131 Fighter

Confederate Motorcycles from Alabama is one of the world’s greatest high-end motorcycle manufacturers, and one of their most impressive machines is the $100,000 R131 Fighter which has a huge 2146cc V-Twin engine, while the total weigt of the bike is around 30% lighter than most comparable cruiser motorcycles thanks to high quality materials like titanium. […]

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Marvel Mystery Oil Turns 90!

Marvel Mystery Oil debuted back in 1923, developed by Burt Pierce, but according to one story, the oil’s name came from a question from someone, asking what kind of oil it’s supposed to be, and Pierce answered back, “It’s a mystery”. Well, today it’s known that this mystery oil is comprised of 75% mineral oil, […]

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A Cushman Custom Trike

The Cushman name has long been associated with motorscooters, ice cream trikes and other small work vehicles for decades. But, interestingly one old Cushman scooter was transformed into this custom trike by Chi-Town Cushman, a dealer in these classic old machines. And the transformation is startling to say the least. Nearly any diehard motorcycle enthusiast […]

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The Lone Star Retrikel

Can you count all the parts here? There’s actually bits of 14 different vehicles frankensteined together here to create this two year labor of love built by Jerry Standley of Henderson, Texas. What started out as a 1980 Suzuki had 3.0liter Chrysler power added with an automatic and cruise control. Licensing this creation was an […]

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The Most Outrageous Picture Sleeve Ever

In 1971, the hard rock band Steppenwolf released their album FOR LADIES ONLY which was to be their farewell album for about three years while John Kay pursued a solo career and eventually reformed the band for three strong albums from 1974 to 1976, including SLOW FLUX, HOUR OF THE WOLF and SKULLDUGGERY. FOR LADIES […]

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Biker Group Protects Military Funerals From Protests

A national organization of patriotic bikers volunteer their services to protect the funerals of servicepersons, police and firemen from the funeral protests organized by members of the radical Westboro Baptist Church. The Patriot Guard Riders help to protect the dignity of funerals by keeping protestors away from causing additional pain to grieving families. Many of […]

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Big Mike’s Choppers Bite The Dust

According to a BBB report, as of Feb 2013, Big Mike’s Choppers of Bend, Oregon has bitten the dust. BMC choppers such as the Big Daddy and other models only sold for around $26,000 new, which was considerably less than some other specialty chopper brands such as Big Bear Choppers which were around $40,000 or […]

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Pope Francis Blesses Harleys In Rome

Pope Francis took the opportunity of the 110th birthday of Harley Davidson with a huge legion of bikers on holiday in Rome to offer Harley Davidson motorcycles and their riders a special blessing. Many motorcyclists strongly believe in blessings to protect them on the road, where many bikes feature a type of good luck charm […]

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