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Fast Food Workers Go On Strike in 60 Cities

Although they aren’t members of a labor union, fast food workers from McDonalds, Wendys, KFC and other fast food businesses have become members of a 60 city labor strike effort, protesting their minimum wage earnings which run thousands of dollars a year less than the federal poverty rate. In some cities, workers who are earning […]



Of all things, TRADER JOE’s wants to get rid of their best customer, a Vancouver, B.C. resident who buys about $22,000 a month in TRADER JOE’S products and then resells these at marked up prices in his Vancouver area PIRATE JOE’S store. Sound crazy? It sure is. TRADER JOE’S has built up a loyal following […]

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Naughty Bikini Baristas, Naughty Bikini Baristas….

Yet another Washington state bikini barista coffee stand business has found itself in hot water as police made arrests for serving more than just coffee. Two Grab-N-Go coffee stands were the subject of police surveillance up in Everett, Washington, and police arrested several women aged 16 to 29 who performed sexual acts and allowed customers […]

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That’s Some Spicy Soup!

A 26 year old man in China is now recovering from a restaurant bowl of soup made from such hot spices that it actually burned a hole through his stomach and he began throwing up blood soon after consuming it. That’ one hot bowl of soup! The soup, called Mala, is made largely from Chinese […]

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Really Low Budget Gourmet: Dollar Store Lobster Dinner

What kind of connoisseur lobster dinner can you buy from ingredients at your local dollar store? Well, a surprising good one is the answer. I was able to find Pride & Joy brand lobster sliders there for just one dollar. Pride & Joy is an American fish company located Chavin, LA. So there was no […]

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Restroom Voyeurism Now Called Art In Austria

A very controversial “art display” has been produced by artist Alexander Riegler in an Austrian cafe called Dots, that allows men using the urinals to peer into the ladies room via a one way mirror. While the one way glass only allows men to watch women using the sinks and does not peer into the […]

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Mystery Surrounds Potentially Contaminated Dog Chicken Jerky Treats

As many as 2,000 dogs have become sick and some died as a result of contaminated chicken jerky treats made in China, but sold under a variety of popular U.S. names as most U.S. companies are buying these imported pet treats from China. One company brand owned by Nestle Purina, Waggin’ Train, has posted their […]

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Sylvia Woods, Famed Harlem Soul Food Restaurant Owner Dead

Sylvia Woods, the founder of one America’s finest soul foul restaurants has died at age of 86, after suffering for several years from the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Her restaurant, Sylvia’s, was one of Harlem’s greatest business success stories and long became a local fixture meeting place for local celebrities and politicians both, such as […]

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Taco Bell Has No System For Their Taco Sauce

Taco Bell might have very good Mexican food for a very good price, and nearly instant service. But, the company just has never been able to satisfy drive-through customers because of problems with customers not getting taco sauce and no doubt continues to make enemies each day because the company still has no good system […]

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Many Consumers Shift To Cheaper Canned Beers

The sluggish economy is driving up the sales of cheaper canned beers, while the percentage sales of better quality craft beers is declining as a total percentage market share. Retailers nationwide notice a shift of buyers to cheaper canned beers such as Pabst, Miller, Olympia and other higher quality craft brands in bottles that sell […]

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Not Kosher?

Hebrew National hot dogs are a very popular choice among both Jews and Gentiles because they are supposed to be made by a religious company that adheres to strict kosher food rules, meaning that the hot dogs are also very clean and contain all beef. They are an excellent tasting product, and easily one of […]

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America’s Greatest Bum Wines: Night Train Express

At 17.5% alcohol, Night Train Express is one of the most famous of the bum wines, and something of a legend among low-end fortified wines. Citrus and other flavors help to mask the natural taste of the product that some compare to Clorox bleach. Although Night Train Express is actually manufactures by Gallo, Gallo seems […]

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The Hostess Plan To Come Back From Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: New Chocolate Creme-Filled Twinkies

Boy, oh boy, do you have to admire the gutsy, live by the seat of your pants business decisions of some company like Hostess which hopes to come back from Chapter 11 bankruptcy by pinning all their hopes on new some product. The Irving, Texas based company is no less than $1 billion dollars into […]

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Big Brother Starbucks Is Watching You

Employees of Starbucks Coffee in Fort Belvair was recently shocked to discover that they were being secretly videotaped and charged for any food they consumed. One employee was actually fired for theft after drinking a $3.75 coffee and expected to pay for the drink. This particular Starbucks actually falls under two sets of rules. It […]


Goodbye Twinkies?: Hostess Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Could those famous Twinkies snacks disappear forever? Well, it seems that the parent company that makes these favorite snacks for the last 87 years is in deep financial trouble. The Texas based Interstate Brands Corporation has perhaps close to $1 billion in debts, with only as little as $500 million in assets. The Irving, Texas […]

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