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Guys Who Sort Of Look Like Paul Ryan

A few comics and Online jokesters are having a few laughs by claiming that vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan looks sort of like Eddie Munster or even Screech Powers from SAVED BY THE BELL, or even disgraced politician, Anthony Weiner. Here’s a little roundup of a few of the Paul Ryan jokes that are currently […]

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Comics Open Door To Colorado Shooting Jokes

Some comics are beginning to crack the taboo door open a bit trying out some Colorado movie theater shooting jokes in their routines. Dane Cook has made the news by being one of the first to try out a joke about the tragic event in his routine at the Laugh Factory. Cook joked that, “THE […]

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The highly controversial 1954 novel by Pauline Reage(Anne Desclos), THE STORY OF O has seen a number of incarnations over the years including the classic 1975 film staring Corinne Clery, which got a pretty good reception in American arthouse theaters, but was banned in the UK until the year 2000. The story has also found […]

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FOOEY Magazine: The Ernie Kovacs Influenced Humor Magazine From 1961

From 1950’s until the 70’s, some satire and magazines like CRAZY, CRACKED, SICK and some far less well known quickly failed magazines like FOOEY, sought to find a market as a humor competitor to MAD Magazine. Launched as part of the comic genius of H.M. Steele, FOOEY only issued just four magazines during 1961 starting […]

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MAD MAGAZINE Features Parody Mitt Romney Monopoly Game Cards

Call me a sucker for funny parody Monopoly cards, but the new MAD Magazine has a really funny great new feature of a select group of comic Mitt Romney edition Monopoly game cards. I can tell you that this is the best parody Monopoly game card pieces since “The Miracle Monopoly Cheating Kit” published in […]

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The Erotic Art World Of Lynn Paula Russell(Paula Meadows)

Actress and illustrator Lynn Paula Russell, also known as Paula Meadows has been a longtime legend among UK erotic artists, often strangely using fictionalized versions of herself in her erotic artwork, allowing her the freedom to explore her own BDSM fantasies and other dark and taboo sexual fantasy areas. At one time, she even did […]

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Fantagraphics Will Publish THE COMPLETE ZAP COMIX

Big news from the world of comix and art is that Fantagraphics will publish THE COMPLETE ZAP COMIX, a beautiful two volume set reprint of all 16 issues of ZAP COMIX, that very influential underground comix series that ran from 1968-2005. It was mostly a vehicle for the terrific art of R. Crumb as well […]

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Don Rickles Opens New Twitter Account

Master insult comic Don Rickles just opened a new Twitter account that you can sign up for at Donmailto:[email protected] The 85 year old comic legend posted his first two Tweets including a self-deprecating joke to watch him on Jay Leno’s show last night, and warned his fans, “Don’t worry, he’ll be funny”. Rickles continues a […]

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Tasteless Veteran’s Day Garfield Cartoon Haunts Jim Davis

Cartoonist Jim Davis has been forced to offer up an apology for an outrageous and tasteless Garfield cartoon that ran on Veteran’s Day that seemed to refer to it as “National Stupid Day”. Davis claimed the cartoon was written a year ago, and for some odd reason was badly timed to run on Veteran’s Day. […]


Bob Newhart Will Guest Star On NCIS

81 year old comic legend Bob Newhart will guest star as retired medical examiner Dr. Walter Magnus on NCIS. Fans of the great comic should be delighted. He was a great influence on comics ranging from Ellen DeGeneres to Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien. NCIS continues to grow in popularity, and this episode should be […]

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Who’s Handling Chelsea, Now?

After photos of Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent acting right friendly in New Orleans surfaced, Handler has since denied rumors that she was dating the rap star. It turns out that Handler was apparently talking to the rapper about a possible new project. Handler was however open about dating the host of INTO THE PRIDE, […]

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