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Miley Cryus always seems able to top her last bit of outrageousness, and a photo feature she did for the controversial art magazine CANDY, features a bizarre and not very glamorous photo shoot for a slightly dirty looking Miley. Not sure why she is posed in a jock strap or strap-on. But, then again not […]

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How could that avante garde fashion magazine possibly top it’s unusual and bizarre Kim Kardashian issue? Well, only by asking Miley Cyrus to do a nude photo feature that makes it look like she’s part of some strange Illumanati conspiracy theorists bad nightmare. Complete with more of the goofy less than sexy expressions and underplayed […]


Miley Cyrus Gets Down And Dirty In Concert

Has Miley Cyrus gone too far? Despite being an idol for many young fans, many of these fans are writing negative reviews of her concerts on the Internet and with Tweets, complaining that her shows are just getting way too dirty for general audiences. In recent shows, Cyrus brings sex toys onstage, performing simulated oral […]

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Miley Cyrus Backs “Free The Nipple” Campaign

Miley Cyrus has found a new political cause to support. Free The Nipple is an Online effort by those who oppose violent media, but support less censorship of nudity support. These anti-censorship proponents now seem emboldened by the star support from some like Miley Cyrus who support their efforts to ease censorship laws, especially when […]

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Miley Cyrus Offered $1 Million To Direct Adult Film

Miley Cyrus has been offered $1 million dollars to direct an adult film by Online retailer GameLink. Established in 1993, the company is a powerful and large adult retailer that views Cyrus as an “empowered woman” that they would love to have behind the camera to direct a film, although she has no filmmaking experience. […]


Miley Cyrus Spanked By Mom!

Not that long ago, the mom of Miley Cyrus gave the young woman a playful little reminder spanking in a dressing room with a hairbrush after she displeased mom by cracking her knuckles. Well, given Miley’s latest naughty photos incident with a birthday cake, it might be a safe to bet that mom would just […]


Miley Cyrus, John Mayer Hook-Up?

Did Miley Cyrus and John Mayer hook-up over Grammy weekend? According to some sources they were all over each other. No wonder Billy Ray Cyrus has an achy-breaky heart over his lack of parenting skills. It looks like the former Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus is well on her way to head-shaving, curb-side crying jags, paparazzi-dating […]

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Miley Cyrus takes bong hit of Salvia

Poor Miley.  Just one controversy after the other.  Now there’s a video out with her taking hits from a bong that supposedly was filled with salvia – a natural herb that can have psychedelic effects.  Salvia is legal in California – and the video was done a few days after Miley turned eighteen.  The video […]


Miley Cyrus in See-Through Dress: Hannah Montana is Dead (Photos)

Miley Cyrus performed on German TV in a more or less see-through dress. She was on the German talk show Wetten, dass…? The 17-year-old (almost 18) is making sure that Hannah Montana is Dead and everyone knows she’s not that Disney girl anymore. Check out the photos and her video ‘Who Owns My Heart’. Miley […]