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Celebrity Skin: Lady Gaga

Always controversial and cutting edge, Lady Gaga has become the new Madonna for this generation’s music. Not only is her music pushing the limits of new age art, always looking for new directions, but often her style and dress is out on the edge as well. Her styles can range from the glamorous to the […]

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Lady Gaga: ‘Stuck on F–kin You’, Her Gift to Her Little Monsters for the Holidays

Lady Gaga sent out a Christmas gift to her Little Monsters. She has given them the chance to hear her unreleased song, ‘Stuck on Fuckin You’. In the spirit of the holidays, she tweeted ‘I wrote it in Minnesota after the Monster Ball on the tour bus. We recorded it in one shot. Fernando on […]

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Lady Gaga Sends Teen Jacques St. Pierre Personal Thank You Video

Lady Gaga has long been an advocate for the LGBT and anti-bullying efforts (among others). She apparently received a fan letter from Canadian teenager Jacques St. Pierre in which he told her he was organizing a school assembly with an anti-bullying theme. The 17-year-old St. Pierre attends Etobicoke School of the Arts in Toronto. In […]

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Lady Gaga Sheep Gift on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’

Lady Gaga appeared on the UK’s ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ with a sheep in tow. It was still alive and not being used as part of her costume. I guess it was just an accessory in this instance. She presented the sheep gift to Jonathan Ross as a birthday present although she said she didn’t […]

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Lady Gaga ‘Fashion Films’ New Look (Photos and Video)

Lady Gaga has released the first of five ‘Fashion Films’ intended to accompany her ‘You and I’ music video. Lady Gaga has a whole new look in this first ‘Fashion Film’. See some photo stills and the video below. Just when you think Lady Gaga can’t possibly top her latest bizarre look, she does. Every. […]

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Lady Gaga Channels Jo Calderone for You and I Cover

Lady Gaga is getting in touch with her penis envy in her latest single cover. She tweeted a photo of her ‘You and I’ cover in which she channels Jo Calderone (a persona she has taken on before only last time ‘he’ looked cleaner). Lady Gaga channeling Jo Calderone makes me think of Al Pacino […]

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Amy Winehouse on Tony Bennett ‘Duets’ Album Along with Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood and More!

Amy Winehouse was known to be a fan of Tony Bennett, and now she will be part of his second ‘Duets’ album posthumously. This is the 85-year-old Bennett’s second ‘Duets’ album. This time he’s including the younger stars including Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood and more.   You can watch a video […]

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Lady Gaga Wheelchair Controversy

Lady Gaga is all about shock and awe, but now she has incurred the wrath of disability groups for using a wheelchair as a prop in a show in Australia last night. Six songs into the ten song set, Gaga went off for a costume change and came on in a wheelchair wearing a PVC […]


Lady Gaga YouTube Account Suspended: Treats Sydney Airport like a Catwalk (Photos)

I’m right on the verge of feeling sorry for Lady Gaga. Things have not been going well lately. Her record sells have plummeted and now she’s had her YouTube account suspended for copyright violations. But those kinds of distractions don’t keep her from treating the Sydney airport like a catwalk. Check out her poses while […]

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She’s Not Crazy (She Just Performs That Way)

  Heh.  Weird Al does it again!


Lady Gaga Reveals All at the CFDA Fashion Awards (Photos)

Lady Gaga reveals all at the CFDA Fashion Awards. Well, almost all. See the photos below. Okay, so we know that Lady Gaga wearing a revealing outfit and ridiculously high shoes that require her to have assistance walking is not really news. But what IS a girl to do when she has to keep upping […]

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Cd Review: Lady Gaga BORN THIS WAY

Lady Gaga‘s latest anticipated album is perhaps her best effort ever, available in both standard 14 track and expanded 22 track versions. It’s both very listenable and enjoyable with plenty of great songs that are danceable as well as lyrics that offer encouragement and upbeat messages. The title track, BORN THIS WAY, is available in […]


Lady Gaga American Idol Finale Performance: The Edge of Glory (Photos, Video)

Whatever you think of Lady Gaga, you might have to admit that her American Idol finale performance of The Edge of Glory was really good. As always, she didn’t disappoint with showmanship, outrageousness and a pretty good show. See more Lady Gaga photos [some NSFW] Read more Lady Gaga news! See more photos and a […]

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Lady Gaga Judas Video Pushes The… Nothing

First of all, let’s agree that pretty much all music videos have a touch of ridiculousness to them. When you boil it all down, they’re just commercials that attempt to persuade us to by an artist’s album, the mp3 or even just the artist. That being said, there are serious videos, funny videos, clever videos, […]


Why You Should be Offended by Lady Gaga’s “Judas” Lyrics

I think we can all agree that Lady Gaga is no T.S. Eliot. She’s more like the 21st century love child of Madonna and a 70’s-era Elton John. And just as those previous artists used shock and controversy to further their careers, Lady Gaga is doing the same with her outlandish costumes, faux-artistic philosophy, and […]