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Leave It To Bieber!

Justin Bieber is finding himself in an increasingly deep pile of problems of his own making, including two misdemeanor charges that could result in trials in both Canada as well as Miami. Today, a toxicology report proved that the 19 year old singer had both the prescription drug Xanax as well as marijuana in his […]

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Justin Bieber Wears Pink Underwear (and Took a DNA Paternity Test)

Teen idol Justin Bieber was out walking his dog Baylor in his girlfriend Selena Gomez’ neighborhood and bent over exposing his boney butt and PINK underwear. I have nothing against a man wearing pink, not even a little guy like Bieber. But common, who wants to see that? Okay, I guess a bunch of 12-year-old […]

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Justin Bieber Paternity Lawsuit! Is Bieber a Daddy?

Is Bieber a Daddy? Mariah Yeater is a 20-year-old California woman who has filed a paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber. She is demanding that Bieber take a paternity test to determine whether or not he is the father of her 3-month-old baby and then, of course, to provide financial support. This BOMBSHELL story is developing, […]

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Justin Bieber with Chuck Norris: What’s He Thinking!!!

I saw this photo of Justin Bieber with Chuck Norris on Bieber’s Instagram profile. The first thing I noticed was the look on Chuck Norris’ face. Well, that was the second thing really. The first thing I noticed was how tall Justin Bieber looked. Just kidding! It was just his hair sticking straight up. Even […]

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Rihanna’s on FYAH- And Four Other Crazy Celebrity Fires

On July 8, a fire broke out backstage while pop singer Rihanna was performing at a concert in Texas in front of thousands of fans. The fire caused sparks and debris and forced concert producers to evacuate the building and cancel the remainder of the concert. Even though this was probably a terrifying event for […]


Chris Brown, Justin Bieber ‘Next 2 You’ Video

In a post-Apocalyptic world Christ Brown and Justin Bieber dance and sing ‘Next 2 You’. See the video below. When the world is coming to an end, everything blowing up and crumbling around you, will you be singing and dancing in the street with Chris Brown and Justin Bieber? G-d I hope not! Let one […]

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Justin Bieber Egg Tosser Arrested (Video)

The Justin Bieber egg tosser has been arrested down under. Bieber has just had one incident after the other lately, and has whined his way through them all. While performing in Australia on his world tour someone in the audience pelted him with about 6 eggs. He finished the song but them stormed off the […]

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Justin Bieber Naughty on Airplane: Disciplined by Flight Attendant

Justin Bieber got naughty on an airplane in Australia and had to be disciplined by a flight attendant. He apologized and then behaved. He’s had a rough month or two lately. Poor Justin Bieber. First he was ravaged by paparazzi in Israel who made it impossible for him to have peace while he ‘walked in […]


Jeremy Bieber: Justin Bieber’s Dad Gets Playgirl Offer

Jeremy Bieber, Justin Bieber’s dad, gets Playgirl offer to pose nude for $300,000 per day. Oh yeah. Just what we all want to see. Justin Bieber’s dad naked. Well, that is probably a step up from Justin Bieber nude at least. The thought is making me just a tad nauseous. But I’m not a teeny-bopper […]

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Rascal Flatts, Justin Bieber ‘That Should Be Me’ Video, Lyrics: Rascal Flatts Nothing Like This Special

Rascal Flatts and Justin Bieber collaborated on ‘That Should Be Me’. The country music group and the teen pop star may seem like an odd combo, but it works as you can hear in the video below. The Rascal Flatts ‘Nothing Like This’ Special featured Justin Bieber and Natasha Bedingfield as their special guests. Check […]

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Justin Bieber Hits On Rihanna at NBA All-Star Game (Photos)

Move over Ryan Phillippe and Colin Farrell, Justin Bieber was putting the moves on Rihanna at the NBA All-Star game in Los Angeles on Sunday. Read more about it below and see lots of pictures and a video from the game. Justin Bieber and Rihanna set next to each other at the NBA All-Star game […]


Justin Bieber Shot Dead on CSI

Justin Bieber is shot dead on CSI. Well, not actually Justin, but the character he was playing on the show. Read about it below and see a video of Justin Bieber talking about his gig acting on CSI. Bieber was talking about how much he liked doing CSI, but it looks like his time on […]

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