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Paris Hilton in a Bikini in Ibiza (Photos)

We know that everyone has been sitting on pins and needles wondering what on earth Paris Hilton has been up to lately. Well, here’s the latest Paris Hilton news. She worked an hour the other day as a D.J. and then took a vacation with friends in Ibiza. The 31-year-old socialite and former reality star […]

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Paris Hilton Fashion Launch in Mumbai, India (Photos)

Paris Hilton is in Mumbai, India launching her fashion line of handbags and accessories and selling her brand. You have to give her credit, if her reality show fails, then launch a fashion line. Oh, and throw in a new boutique hotel line (hotels run in the family after all), do books, movies and pop […]

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Paris Hilton Leaves Interview Video: She’s NOT a Has-Been Dammit!

What is an heiress to do when she’s in an interview and the interviewer starts insinuating that she might be a has-been pop celebrity. Even worse, that one of her former BFFs might passed her by leaving her far, far behind in the Kardashian dust. Well, Paris Hilton is one heiress that won’t take that […]

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Paris Hilton Sued for Borrowed Jewels She Won’t Return

Poor Paris Hilton is being sued again. This time she’s being sued for not returning $60,000 worth of borrowed jewels. German insurer Allianz says in their lawsuit that she borrowed the jewels from Manhattan jeweler Damiani in 2007 and she won’t return them. Paris Hilton, the poor little rich girl who is still looking for […]

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Lap Dancing Of The Stars: Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt

Here’s Paris Hilton giving her boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt’s lap a very nice time. Well, I’m sure he appreciates it. Some girls sure know how to rub a guy the right way!

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Prescriptions Of The Stars: Paris Hilton’s Herpes Prescription

Here’s a copy of a prescription for a herpes medication, Valtrex, that belongs to socialite Paris Hilton that has leaked on the Internet. According to some reports, the discovery of a then-boyfriend who contracted herpes from the socialite led to his breakup with her. Some celebrity news stories aren’t very good and don’t always end […]


Paris Hilton on the Beach with Cy Waits in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Photos)

Where in the world is Paris Hilton. Well, she spent the holidays in Hawaii and then this past weekend she was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico soaking up the sun with her latest boyfriend, Cy Waits. There are pictures of her on the beach in a bikini below. Paris did compose a message to her […]

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Paris Hilton Pregnant with Cy Waits Baby? and More!

Is Paris Hilton pregnant by boyfriend Cy Waits? – Ear Sucker Justin Bieber, Oscar Contender? – Celebuzz Photoshop Christmas – IDLYITW Robert Pattinson Seduces Reese Witherspoon – Daily Fill Miley Cyrus Offered Porn Job – Celebrity Dirty Laundry ScarJo and Ryan reunite! – Celebrity VIP Lounge 2010’s Most Shocking Splits! – Too Fab Neil Patrick […]

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Paris Hilton Christmas Card 2010 (Photo)

The Paris Hilton Christmas Card 2010 expresses ‘warm wishes this holiday season’ with a dash of glittery glam sexuality. You can see the picture of the card below as well as a video of Santa’s little elf Paris wishing you a Merry Christmas in the video below. Paris Hilton sent her ‘warm wishes for this […]

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Paris Hilton Nip-Slip on Halloween Photo

This is the obligatory Paris Hilton nip slip post of the day. Actually, the nip-slip happened when Hilton was attending the Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion on Halloween. I know that was last week, but I just saw this photo today and it was too good to pass up. Paris dressed up like a […]


Paris Hilton Robbery Attempt! Helicopter Videos Her in Towel

There was a Paris Hilton break-in this morning and a new chopper caught the heiress in a towel on her balcony. As with anything Paris Hilton, this is news. Read about it below, see photos and THE news video taken of the heiress on her balcony in a towel. Okay, so Paris Hilton naked isn’t […]

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