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Lindsay Lohan’s Side-Boob-A-Rama

Looking every bit as bad as any common run-of-the-mill street crack whore, some unlucky photographer unfortunately caught these outrageous and very unglamorous photos of Lindsay Lohan smoking a cigarette. And, it’s not a pretty sight, I tell you. The well-shop worn actress looks positively trashy to say the least. What was PLAYBOY Magazine thinking when […]

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Lindsay Lohan Poses in Revealing White Swimsuit

I chose the photo above for the headline photo of Lindsay Lohan because I thought it was hilarious. Supposedly she fell asleep as she was relaxing by the pool. Really? Does she look like she fell asleep to you? Instead of her mouth being open with droop seeping out of the corner of her mouth, […]

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Lindsay Lohan to Play Elizabeth Taylor for Lifetime

When I first heard that Lindsay Lohan is in talked to play Elizabeth Taylor for a Lifetime movie I thought ‘are you kidding me?’. Then I saw the photo above of her as Elizabeth Taylor and thought she might be able to pull it off. At least she looks more like Taylor than Michelle Williams […]

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Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover Leaked

The big Lindsay Lohan Playboy cover photo was supposed to be a big reveal for the 25-year-old actress and problem-child, but someone took a photo of the cover and leaked it on Twitter. Oh yea! So we get to show it to you hear. Lindsay’s mother has said the photo shoot was ‘tastefully done’. AS […]

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LiLo’s Playboy Stint to Pay for Hardworking Bail Bondsman

Looks like rotten teeth aren’t the only thing Lindsay Lohan is flashing these days. That’s right my friends; not only were we fortunate to recently see Lindsay’s stunning drug-stained choppers, soon enough our favorite Hollywood outlaw will grace the pages of Playboy for our viewing (dis)pleasure. Now before we begin judging those who are emptying […]

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Lindsay Lohan Does PLAYBOY For Nearly $1 Million

Speaking of sure-fire erection killers, Lindsay Lohan just wrapped up a four day full frontal nude photo shoot for PLAYBOY yesterday. She reportedly agreed to do PLAYBOY after their $750,000 offer was increased to nearly $1 million dollars. It might be a sign that the troubled actress is beginning to hurt financially and could use […]

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Lindsay Lohan Photo Shoot by Terry Richardson

Lindsay Lohan did a black and white photo shoot for Terry Richardson in New York City last week. She is smoking hot in the photos, and smoking. That is so 1980s (the cigarettes, I mean)! Now that no one will hire Lindsay Lohan for acting jobs she’s doing photo shoots at every chance she gets. […]

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Lindsay Lohan Face: Botox, Booze or Plastic Surgery?

What is going on with Lindsay Lohan’s Face? Is it botox, booze or plastic surgery? She doesn’t look like her. For a while it was just her lips that were unnaturally pouty and didn’t fit the rest of her face. Now her cheeks seem puffed up. It could be that she’s done something to her […]


Lindsay Lohan Sexes Up Vanity Fair Italia (Photos)

Lindsay Lohan Sexes Up Vanity Fair Italia Lindsay Lohan is out of house arrest and is aching to get back on a movie set and working again. While she waits for someone to want to hire her (or who CAN hire her considering what insuring her must cost!) she is getting all pouty and sexy […]

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Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Will Enter A No Contest Plea Tuesday

Facing probable conviction for a grand larceny jewelry theft related charge, Lindsay Lohan‘s lawyer, Shawn Holley, will enter a “no contest” plea on her behalf tomorrow in Los Angeles court clearing the way for Lohan to serve a 120 home confinement with a monitor sentence. In reality, due to overcrowding in the Los Angeles jail […]

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Lindsay Lohan’s Revolving Jail Door

Well, this is getting hard to keep up with, but Lindsay spent a few hours in jail yesterday after Los Angeles Judge Stephanie Sanders found her guilty of violating probation for her arrest and trial for jewelry theft. Lohan was supposed to serve 120 days. However, after a few hours her legal team were allowed […]

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Lindsay Lohan to Drop Last Name?

Reports are circulating that possible repeat jailbird Lindsay Lohan will be dropping her last name and publicly becoming simply “Lindsay.”  In other news, Earth is pushing to once again become the center of the universe in the minds of the uneducated masses. 2008 Long Island Mother of the Year (yeah, I’m still trying to figure that […]

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Judge To Lindsay Lohan, “You Will Be Going To Jail”

“If the case settles here, I don’t want you under any apprehension, you will be going to jail, period. I don’t care that you’re Lindsay Lohan…” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz telling troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan that any plea agreement in the case of the stolen necklace will come jail time, six months […]

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Lindsay Lohan White Dress Sells Out (Photos)

The Lindsay Lohan white dress sells out after she was pictured wearing it in court the other day. See photos and a video of her in the dress below. The figure-hugging white dress that Lindsay Lohan wore to court to answer charges of grand theft has sold out. I guess people think they’ll have big […]

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Lindsay Lohan Will Be Charged With Felony Grand Theft Today

TMZ has learned that prosecutors in Los Angeles will charge Lindsay Lohan with felony grand theft in connection with the infamous “borrowed” necklace she took from a L.A. jewelry store. The single count of felony grand theft could land Lohan, who is currently on probation, in state prison if she is convicted. The Los Angeles […]