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Top 9 TV Shows That Should Have Been Made But Weren’t

Creating and producing a television show that makes it on the air is a difficult thing. Each season, thousands of pilots are written or “conceived,” in the case of unscripted reality programs and out of those thousands, a hundred may be ordered. Of those scripts, dozens are shot, sometimes costing around $2 million each. Of […]

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6 Of The Best Hollywood Stars to Work With

Hollywood is known for it’s pretentious divas. The difficult actor seems to be a recurring theme in Hollywood, but which Hollywood actors are pleasures to work with? Which actors come to work without a chip on their shoulder and treat their fellow cast and crew kindly? Surprisingly, there are some out there. Here are some […]

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Five Returning Shows I Can’t Wait For

TV Networks are a funny business. Each network creates shows for us to watch in the fall. And to make room for these shows, they postpone other successful shows for months at a time. And then, when no one watches those new shows, they immediately cancel them. After spending a few million dollars getting them […]

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Jesse James is a New Man?

This may come as a complete shock to most, but I am sorry to report that Kat Von D and Jesse James may be officially done. Although the couple called off their engagement this past September, it is now Facebook official, which makes the break-up a million times more serious. Unfortunately Miss Von D broke […]

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LeAnn Rimes and Miss Piggy: Starlets

Whoa, can we say twins?! LeAnn Rimes and Miss Piggy are not only dressed alike, but they are actually exact replicas of one another. Why have I not recognized this uncanny resemblance before? Sure, Miss Piggy pulls off the whole dazzling star look a bit better, but LeAnn definitely gets an A for effort. The […]

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Jerry Springer Dresses Like…. Lady Gaga?

Jerry Springer dressed as a red laced Lady Gaga is definitely the scariest Halloween costume I have ever seen. What is even more disturbing than Jerry clothed in this lingerie ensemble with an octopus/plant coming out of skull is his creepy facial expression. He not only appears extraordinarily comfortable as a platinum blonde woman, but […]

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MC Hammer Launching the First “Deep Search” Engine

U Can’t Touch This. And by this, I am referring to the new internet search engine that MC Hammer is designing. Yes, you heard me right – MC Hammer. The former musician, who goes by Stanley K. Burrell now, has high aspirations that his search engine, WireDoo, will surpass the current favorites, Google and Bing. […]

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LiLo’s Playboy Stint to Pay for Hardworking Bail Bondsman

Looks like rotten teeth aren’t the only thing Lindsay Lohan is flashing these days. That’s right my friends; not only were we fortunate to recently see Lindsay’s stunning drug-stained choppers, soon enough our favorite Hollywood outlaw will grace the pages of Playboy for our viewing (dis)pleasure. Now before we begin judging those who are emptying […]

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Will Ferrell Wins Something That Matters

We’ve got Oscars, Grammy’s, Emmy’s, Tony’s and…Twain’s? Apparently there is an award for humor named after cherished American author, Mark Twain. Who knew? I mean, it makes sense, because Mark Twain was hilarious! Did you ever read “Huckleberry Finn” or “Tom Sawyer?” They are chock full of all sorts of comic tomfoolery and jokes, wedged […]

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Some Celebs Should Just Retire

I’m not sure if you heard the news, but taking a nap and meditating can be easily mistaken for one another. Specifically in the case of 84-year-old singer, Harry Belafonte’s, who appeared to be passing out (or dying) during an interview with KBAK in Bakersfield, California. Thank goodness we can put our worries aside because […]

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Andy Rooney Retiring at 92-Years-Old

In his final 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney told his audience he wished he could work forever, but at 92-years-old, it was time. This American writer and television icon (although he doesn’t like to think of himself as such) has done 1,097 commentaries during his 33 years on air. His final comments included a thank you […]

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Why is Lion King 3D doing so well?

There’s no arguing that Disney’s rerelease of “The Lion King” was pure marketing genius. They slapped on a gimmicky 3D conversion and announced a limited theatrical release just in time for the movie’s Blu-ray debut. How convenient. But what no one counted on was how well it would do in theaters. The astounding box-office success […]

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P!nk’s Film Debut… As a Sex Addict

P!nk made bold statements long before Lady Gaga entered the scene, especially with her songs “Dear Mr. President” and “Stupid Girls.” It doesn’t come as much of a shock that the 32-year-old mother is making waves with her new acting role: a sex addict named Dede. “Thanks for Sharing” is about three unlikely friends who […]

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Russell Crowe Joins Les Mis Cast – Will He Sizzle or Suck?

Russell Crowe has been tapped to play Inspector Javert in the upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway musical, “Les Miserables.” Crowe will play the villain to Hugh Jackman’s Jean Valjean, and there are reports that Anne Hathaway, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter might join the cast of the highly anticipated musical as well. Personally, […]


Ghost Rider Sequel to Change the Origin Story

The first Ghost Rider film was a major flop when it aired in 2007, so it leaves a lot of people wondering why they’re making a second one, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, five years later. The movie has a modest budget in comparison to the first, so it’s obvious that the studio doesn’t even […]

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