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The mom of Dyson Kilodavis, aka “Princess Boy” writes book about him

Dyson Kilodavis: “Princess Boy” Dyson Dilodavis, a five-year-old boy, is called “The Princess Boy” — and he and his momappeared on The TODAY Show on January 3rd.  In talking with host Meredith Vieira, Dyson’s mom, Cheryl Kilodavis, told about how Dyson likes dresses and tutus and the color pink and sparkly things.  His mom is getting lots of […]

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Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole sue Brett Favre

Brett Favre sued by Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole Two former massage therapists for the New York Jets – Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole – have filed suit against Brett Favre for “sexual harrassment.   The suit is also against Lisa Ripi who hires massage therapists for the team. The suit was filed in the Supreme […]

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Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin break up

Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin have broken up, and apparently it’s old news. They say they split up “some time ago” but didn’t announce it because Kunis was busy with her new movie “Black Swan.”  They are still friends  – no hard feelings from the break-up.  Kunis and Culkin were together for seven years. Mila […]

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Zsa Zsa Gabor may have leg amputated

When Zsa Zsa Gabor’s leg showed the beginning of gangrene, she was rushed to the hospital where doctors began treating her with powerful antibiotics to hopefully save her leg from having to be amputated. Gabor, 93, is hospitalized at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. There is a lesion on her leg that doctors fear […]

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Ron Franklin calls Jeannine Edwards “Sweet Baby” and then “A**hole”

It was off air, but still ESPN broadcaster Ron Franklin and Jeannine Edwards exchanged some heated words which ended in this exchange: “Listen to me, sweet baby, let me tell you something,” Franklin reportedly told her. “Don’t call me sweet baby, I don’t like being talked to like that,” Edwards responded. Franklin then said, “OK […]

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Elton John and David Furnish Become Parents of Baby Boy

Elton John and David Furnish welcome baby boy Elton John and his civil partner, David Furnish, welcomed a baby boy – born via a surrogate in California on Christmas Day.  The baby was named Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John and weighed 7 lbs 15 oz.   The couple issued a statement: “Zachary is healthy and doing well . […]

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Hugh Hefner, 84, engaged to Playmate Crystal Harris, 24!

Hugh Hefner, the 84-year old founder of Playboy, announced in a Twitter message on Sunday that he was engaged to Playmate Crystal Harris, age 24.  “This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory,” he wrote. If they actually get married, it will be Hefner’s third marriage.  Poor Holly.  All during her years of “The Girls […]


Wacky and Unusual Christmas Gifts: Skelemingos

Skelemingos This gift is for the person who has flamingos in their yard – or perhaps someone who appreciates a perverse attitude towards having flamingos in their yard. Here are the Skelemingos .  Admit it – you want a skelemingo!

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Wacky and Unusual Christmas Gifts: Light Bulb Shaped USB

This 2GB Light Bulb USB Drive is a great gift for the creative thinker.  Each time they plug it into their computer, it will symbolize the “light bulb” of their ideas.

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Wacky and Unusual Christmas Gifts: High Heel Door Stop

High Heel Door Stop I think this bright red High Heel Door Stop would be a great gift!  You can get it in black or red.  Of course the red is more noticeable – and since the only reason to buy this is for it to be noticed, only the red is worth getting!

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Wacky and Unusual Christmas Gifts – Sponge Bob Golf Balls

Sponge Bob Golf Balls   Have you ever played golf with friends, and your golf ball landed close to someone’s else’s, and then by the time you walked all the way to where the balls were lying in the grass, you had no idea which ball belonged to you and which one belonged to your […]

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Wacky and Unusual Christmas Gifts: Personality Traits Beerbands

Personality Traits Beerbands Next time you have a party and want a way for everyone to know whose beer is whose, use these Personality Traits Beerbands, Set of 12.  These are really helpful if your friends are lushes.  Who wants a sloppy drunk drinking from your beer bottle?

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Wacky and Unusual Christmas Gifts: Hidden Wall Safe

Unusual and Wacky Christmas Gifts: Hidden Wall Safe  This Hidden Wall Safe is not only unusual, it is helpful, and it just might protect your valuables from theft.  It looks like an electrical outlet but is actually a hidden wall safe.   It comes with a cutout saw and template so it can be installed easily.

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Wacky and Unusual Christmas Gifts: Ductigami

Ductigami: The Art of the Tape I think I’d buy this book for a wacky and unusual Christmas gift simply for the title: Ductigami: The Art of the Tape.  It’s not just a pretty name, though.  You can make some useful and fun things out of duct tape.  And did you know that you can get “designer” […]

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Miley Cyrus takes bong hit of Salvia

Poor Miley.  Just one controversy after the other.  Now there’s a video out with her taking hits from a bong that supposedly was filled with salvia – a natural herb that can have psychedelic effects.  Salvia is legal in California – and the video was done a few days after Miley turned eighteen.  The video […]