Wizbang Pop! one of the fasted growing entertainment news and gossio sites on the web. With an young and influential audience, Wizbang Pop! is an excellent value for advertisers attempting to reach young, mobile consumers.

Launched in its current form in November 2010, Wizbang Pop! averages over one million impressions and half a million unique readers per month, and those averages are skyroceting every month.

Ad units

728×90, 300×250, 160×600
Most IAB standard ad units
Custom Executions
Site takeovers and skins
Masthead integrations
Photo Gallery sponsorships
Category sponsorships
Custom executions based on your campaign’s parameters

Video units

Pre- and post-roll
Homepage Video Playlist sponsorship
Video Insertion and Video Adverposts

Mobile units

Rich media featuring video on iPhones and Android devices
Takeovers featuring large display ads and mobile skins
Sponsored content and photo galleries


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