Best known for playing the muscular, but slow witted “Jethro” on THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, Max Baer Jr. has been in a few relationships in his 79 years, including co-star Donna Douglas. But, perhaps most surprising is his reported four relationships with four adult film stars over the years. At least two of them, Christy Canyon and Gina Gianetti were known for being very busty. In fact, Gina Gianetti later changed her name to Beverlee Hills, enhancing her breast size quite a bit, and even becoming the publisher of JUGGS. She sadly died at the young age of 51 in Medford, Oregon.

Christy Canyon was another popular big boob queen of adult cinema for many years, especially in the golden age of the early 80’s, and was reported to be another pornstar in a relationhip with Max Baer Jr.

Australian adult actress, Misty Regan was also reported to have been in relationship with Max Baer Jr. for a time. And, Tracey Adams was the fourth porn actress reported to have been in a relationship with TV’s Jethro.

Max Baer Jr. did have a few relationships with some popular mainstream actresses as well, with Victoria Principal the most well known. Max Baer Jr. was also the only major actor from THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES from a Jewish ancestry as well, where his father a top professional boxer used to embrace the family ancestry and wear a star of David on his boxing trunks. The senior Baer was viewed as a hero for defeating a German champion during the early Hitler years, sending a message of Jewish strength to the Germans. But, Baer was controversial in that two of his opponents later died after their bouts with the Jewish heavyweight champion. max baerGina_Gianettichristy canyonmisty regantracey adams

You can’t make this stuff up. Truth is stranger than fiction ever could be!