Nude photos, including a two girl nude romp by Melania Trump are emerging now that she is in the spotlight as a potential contender for First Lady. In 1995, a 25 year old Melania Trump posed for a nude photo feature in the now defunct French magazine, MAX. The photos raise an interesting dilemma for the official Republican Party Platform which came out of the recent convention for it’s tough stand against pornography, strangely calling pornography some sort of “health crisis”. It is a good question how that mindset will reconcile with these photos of a naked Melania Trump romping in the nude with a Swedish model for a photoshoot. But, regardless of who you support in the election, these are some great photos of an awesome looking woman here. Enjoy…melania nude1melania

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  • Paul

    We elected Donald Trump. Donald, you the man! One lucky dude!!

  • Untrepid One

    beautiful woman. really fit.