Portland Police need to be commended for foiling what appeared to be a possible major threat of some heavy armed attack on one of their community bureau offices by a 39 year old man who had been videotaping shifts of officers and using his van loaded with a giant cache of weapons to observe security at the community policing office. Eric Eugene Crowl was arrested outside of a S.E. Portland Police Community Policing office with weapons in his van that included many NATO issue type ammo and military type weapons and rifles. During a shift change, Crowl was observed watching the office and confronted when the huge cache of arms and ammo were discovered in his van. Crowl had a previous recent history of bizarre confrontations with police, including writing letters and following around officers during traffic stops.

According to the police report, when officers went over to talk to Crowl, he attempted to reach into his vehicle, although he had no arms on his person. That is when officers were shocked to see an extensive cache of weapons inside his Grey van and what appeared to be a possible threat from this individual who is a self-proclaimed “Constitutionalist”.

The offices are not a main police station, and were previously used by motor vehicle owners who needed to file accident reports and ask questions about accident reports, but had been downgraded to some lower level community office because of cost cutting. In another, unrelated bizarre incident, a couple were arrested for blocking a driveway to the offices, raising questions whether some political extremists or screwballs are starting a pattern of troublesome behavior by this quiet neighborhood community office.

The peaceful neighborhood near the office has many homes and some churches and is not used to drama of this sort from an armed political extremist arrested for having a van full of military weapons. crowl-in-courtcrowl5d9cc5fe-f962-4afa-ab73-40fbdcbaf387-large16x9_weaponarsenalfull

Perhaps, a major newsstory was prevented by this arrest. And, every sign is that this individual had more than enough military type arms to cause some potential danger to this peaceful neighborhood if he had not been arrested and his weapons taken into evidence.