A few weeks ago, American-born Yaakov Katz became the new editor of the respected JERUSALEM POST. The 36 year old is an expert on military analysis and has served as an advisor to the government in the fields of economics and education matters. Very important to him is journalistic independence, honesty and integrity. He lamented that sometimes his paper has to dispute absurd rumors and stories such as one recent false story by a Palestinian Authority official who claimed that Israel was poisoning the water supply used by the Palestinian people. As absurd as false stories like these are, they sometimes create fear or only lead to a climate of conflict compared to peace in the country.

Katz also publishes a version of the JERUSALEM POST for the Christian community, where he feels that Christian readership deserve to have news written by the Christian perspective since the ancient city is also central to the Christian faith as well. The paper is the most widely read English language newspaper published in Israel.

As busy as Katz is, he remains an extension faculty member with Harvard University, a true expert on many areas of expertise, including many aspects of journalism, the media, as well as his understanding of economics, education and military matters. A truly talented young leader for this respected newspaper.

With an engaging smile and friendly nature, Katz is an excellent choice for the editor’s post at this important yaakov katzpublication.