In the late 60’s, the drive-in movies were popular places for young couples to go and romance in their cars with trash movies playing in the background. Many of these films had suggestive or sexy themes, soft-core nudity, violence, maybe even have some themes involving bikers or hippies, or other 60’s themes. One of these films that brought in many of these elements was THE BABYSITTER from 1969. A district attorney prosecuting in a biker murder case finds himself a blackmail victim after he becomes involved in a relationship with his babysitter. An outrageous trash film premise on many levels, involving elements of sex, violence and just plain sleaze.

Patricia Wymer who played the young babysitter started her career as a dancer, made a few films and appeared nude in a men’s magazine, BEST FOR MEN in August 1968, then seemed to completely disappear just when career looked like it was gaining some fans and traction.

babysitter1rn8.157babysitter3sa5.1503babysitter_3babysittermaxresdefault (1)Babysitter3.0-01-20.179babysitter6Babysitter3.0-01-27.241Babysitter3.0-02-48.104Babysitter3.0-03-33.661babysitter-4babysitter8Welcome to the outrageous world of the 1960’s drive-ins!