What? Do you mean that you can actually find a genuine American beef ribeye steak for just $1 these days of huge inflation in grocery prices? Yes, Dollar Tree Stores have a $1 genuine ribeye steak with bone-out that comes from Stampede from Bridgewater, Illinois. The steaks are pretenderized and lightly seasoned, but don’t worry for only $1, Dollar Tree has a great steak sauce that tastes like a quality generic clone of A-1 sauce as well as a nice selection of peppers and spices to make these little steaks taste as good as any restaurant variety steak dinner. Dollar Tree even has packs of two steak knives for just $1, if you need those as well.

What about the taste? The steaks had a perfectly nice flavor and were tender enough, and seemed like great cuts of beef. And with the steak sauce and a baked potato with sour creme, this made a superb holiday dining experience for me.

The Verdict? An “A” grade from me! This was a great dinner at a great price! Great dining on a real budget price here!steak2steak4steak520160530_210647[1]