Alan Young, the last surviving cast member of the 1960’s comedy MR. ED, has died at the age of 96. Young was actually born in England, but later lived in Scotland, Canada and the United States. While Young was best known for his role as well-intentioned, but fumbling character Wilbur Post, who was often made a fool out of the antics of Mr. Ed, he actually had a long history in many other productions including the 1960 science fiction epic, THE TIME MACHINE.

Born Angus Young, Alan Young attempted to join the Royal Navy in 1944, but was upset that he would not see military action, but would be used to write entertainment features for other servicemen. He then attempted to join the Canadian Navy, but his issues with asthma made him unfit for service. As a child he was bedridden much of the time. But, the actor learned to cope with his health issues and made a great career for himself as the beloved Wilbur Post and other roles for many years, managing to starb in over 100 productions or voice-over roles.

It was an incredible career for one of the last surviving oldest living actors. Gosh Wilbur…We’ll miss you!

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