In Tesla terms, $35,000 is an economy car, and the price tag seems to be luring a long waiting line of buyers for Tesla’s brand new Model 3 which was unveiled at an 8:30pm event last night. Despite the lower price for the new Tesla model, the all-electric car still boasts a healthy 215 mile range between recharging, 5 passenger seating, and what is claimed to be the safest design in it’s class. All of this should help to put the new Tesla model in many more driveways, making it a hot commodity among the yuppie car market who in the past might have chosen Volvos or similar cars.

The new Model S is a very attractive automobile from most angles, except from the front, where it looks rather odd with a missing grille, replaced by a body filler panel where a grille should be. Even though a Grille isn’t needed due to the electric design, for the sake of cosmetics, a grille of some type would have given the car a far more conventional and acceptable appearance.

The car took 10 years to develop, but with the lower price breakthrough, the car has managed a whooping 130,000 preorders, which would make the new model on a popularity par with the old American Motors cars like the Gremlin in sales figures. For the tiny Tesla company, that’s a real sales breakthrough as well. And with a brisk 6 second zero to sixty acceleration from the high torque electric motor, the car will satisfy with enough performance to feel exciting at the same time being a green vehicle that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

At one time only more wealthy persons such as David Letterman were Tesla owners. But, the new lower price will make the Tesla cars sell much better, which should only make Tesla stockholders and investors very happy. In baseball terms, Tesla has appeared to score a homerun tonight.

Electric cars could have caught on much earlier than they did, but you can blame the curse of the Baker cars for the reason electric cars lost their market share to gasoline cars. In the early 1900’s despite their old fashioned lead batteries, Baker electric automobiles sold and performed well, but the cars easily were damaged with broken suspension parts over the early often cobblestone streets of the early 1900’s, giving some brands like Ford with more durable suspension parts a better shot at market share. This was the only reason that electric cars lost the early market to gasoline cars. But, with the latest in battery and engine technology, the advanced designs of the Tesla cars once again give the electric car a real opportunity to challenge the gasoline cars. CAFE mileage standards, pollution and safety rules, all seem to make more hybrid automobiles seem like a near certainty for the future for many carmakers. Tesla seems to have the jump on all the other carmakers with their all-electric designs, that have proven to be very reliable, offer excellent performance, comfort and luxury. Tesla now has a real opportunity to grow beyond a tiny specialty car brand to becoming a real contender in the American auto market. tesla model-3-unveil.0.0tesla-model-3-first-ride-028-1020.0