During the 1950’s model Bettie Page became the greatest centerfold, glamour photography as well as fetish queen. In 1955, she became one of the most popular “Playmate Of The Month” models of the 50’s. She also appeared in many Irving Klaw bondage and spanking 8mm loop films which were sold through mail-order business back in the day when adult stores did not yet exist. She totally lacked inhibitions, and seemed to enjoy nudity, although she later became religious, attending Bible college in Portland, Oregon and elsewhere, and even working for the Billy Graham Organization.

Bettie eventually died at the age of 85 in 2008, but not before becoming one of the greatest cult icons of all times, as well as one of the 1950’s greatest sex symbols.Page_Bettie-0679Page_Bettie-0811Page_Bettie-0755Page_Bettie-1483Page_Bettie-0919Page_Bettie-0559Page_Bettie-1375Page_Bettie-0865Page_Bettie-1292Page_Bettie-1501Page_Bettie-1354Page_Bettie-1055

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