2016’s weird election might be taking another unexpected turn if you can believe a growing number of Internet sources claiming that the campaign of Senator Ted Cruz may soon be hit with a sex scandal. THE POLITICAL INSIDER and other sources are suggesting some link between Senator Ted Cruz and Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson. The problem appears to be that Katrina Pierson has become the national spokeswoman for Donald Trump, which suggests that she may be the source of the rumors in an effort to destruct Ted Cruz, if the circulating news claims can be trusted or whether this is just more dirty politics. But, supporters of Donald Trump seem to be heavily involved in the rumors.

Conservative host Alex Jones is helping to promote a message claiming dirty politics by the antiTrump forces, inviting Trump insider Roger Stone to present claimed proof of “vote stealing” and other claims. Whether the sex scandal claims against Ted Cruz are true, but some supporters in the Trump efforts seem to be behind the effort to circulate the rumors to ruin Cruz and create a crisis for the Cruz campaign.

Donald Trump helped to promote a “birther” campaign against President Obama before, claiming that he was not born in the U.S. despite birth records from a Hawaii hospital, so it is not beyond Trump or his supporters to invent a scandal even if one does not exist. The claims of a Ted Cruz sex scandal could be another example of a manufactured issue from some persons on the Trump side.

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