Before 50 SHADES OF GREY, up until late 2010, a British actress, model and S&M practitioner, Nicky Montford was a rising star in London’s once aspiring market for kink and spanking films. Nicky was proud of her growing number of fans for her films, and used to blog. It used to be said that she had a “teflon bottom” where she would hardly ever winch at any of her film spankings, whippings or canings. She seemed to have a higher tolerance for pain compared to more tame British spanking films, where the films by Nicky Montford were nearly always more intense.

The actress not only actively sought out movie gigs, but also had a lot of input in insisting on harder action to satisfy her own personal sexual fantasies. She would also seek out kink parties and other opportunities to live out her fantasies and also earn money. Then, suddenly after late November 2010, the popular UK kink model disappeared from the scene where she was once so visible. And, in the UK, new censorship legislation hard hit the British kink scene, where many women were actresses, models, writers and producers for the British market for spanking porn.

Like American kink and spanking actress, Nikki Flynn, who was once a huge star in the small market for fetish films, Nicky Montford, suddenly left the industry without a trace. Another mystery in the strange world of kinky cinema.

nicky montford

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