my mother the caritsabouttime-12My two nominees would be MY MOTHER THE CAR and IT’S ABOUT TIME. While most people made a real attempt to forget these two legendary TV bad 1960’s TV nonclassics, late night TV recently began running both series only to remind everyone of just how bad both series actually were.

MY MOTHER THE CAR: Jerry Van Dyke was the claimed star in this horrid show in which his mother was supposedly reincarnated as a 1920’s car whose voice spoke through the radio. 30 episodes of this one season bomb were actually produced before this turkey was finally, and thankfully, cancelled. Even Jerry Van Dyke was not very good in this short-lived 1965-1966 stinker. Many years later, Jerry Van Dyke was superb as the goofy “Luther” character in COACH, only proving that you can sometimes survive a bad role.

Sadly, Alan Burns and Chris Hayward created MY MOTHER THE CAR, proving that even the most talented can flop out. Far better creations by the duo include GET SMART, THE ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE SHOW and THE MUNSTERS.

BTW, the car in the show was actually a customized 1924 Ford hot rod that was made into a 1928 Porter, although no real Porter cars existed for 1928. Two real cars known as Porters did once exist. About the only appeal of the show was that the car was kind of cool. Yes, AMT did build a 1/25 scale model kit of this car as well…

IT’S ABOUT TIME: Sherwood Schwartz was far better with GILLIGAN’S ISLAND than this goofball flop about two astronauts whose spaceship goes back in time to prehistoric times. Despite the great comic talents of Imogene Coca and Joe E. Ross, which seem more wasted than not here, this one season turkey avoided a midseason cancellation only by a retooling which didn’t work either. When the first shows seemed to center around running away from giant dinosaurs and goofy broken English language, the later shows involved the cave family in modern times, which only seemed worse yet, and more cheap than the prehistoric settings. Sherwood Schwartz could do nothing to right this wrong ship here…Still 26 episodes of 1966-67 mess were produced. Why, I don’t know…

So what are your nominations for the worst TV shows ever?

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