amy lindsay2amy lindsay1Presidential candidate Ted Cruz had to pull a new ad when it was discovered that one of the actors was soft-porn actress, Amy Lindsay. After this embarrassment to the self-proclaimed Christian conservatives’ campaign effort, Amy Lindsay has been making the rounds on news programs, making even more news of her own.

Lindsay claimed that she was paid to read a script, that she is not necessarily a Ted Cruz voter in real life, but is considering him, claiming to be a registered Republican voter in real life, with no ill will against the candidate.

Besides her roles in a number of soft-porn movies, Lindsay also was cast in several STAR TREK: VOYAGER episodes.

Unlike hardcore porn films, the soft porn that Lindsay has been featured in only involved nudity, breast kissing and simulated sexual acts not involving sexual penetration. But, her appearance in the new Ted Cruz ad provided a new strange twist to the already quirky 2016 presidential contest.amy lindsay3 Amy Lindsay - Black Tie Nights - S01E01_2-500amy lindsay5amy lindsay4amy lindsay6amy lindsay1-frame-1Amy_Lindsay-hotamy-lindsay-010