sexy_barmaid_bar_nudity_pokazuha_table+soccer_trimmed_waitress_4sexy_barmaid_bar_nudity_pokazuha_table+soccer_trimmed_waitress_3sexy_barmaid_pokazuha_topic_view_1sexy_barmaid_bar_nudity_pokazuha_table+soccer_trimmed_waitress_16sexy_barmaid_bar_nudity_pokazuha_table+soccer_trimmed_waitress_13sexy_barmaid_bar_nudity_pokazuha_table+soccer_trimmed_waitress_10sexy_barmaid_pokazuha_topic_view_14At first one Australian pub started an unusual shtick by having one waitress/bartender wait on tables in the nude. No nude dancing or stripping, just one naked waitress, and it really caught on with customers who wanted to talk to her, have their pictures taken with her, etc. – The gimmick turned out to be great for business, and did not deter female customers like most gentleman’s clubs seem to where female customers are usually scarce. Maybe what this Australian pub did turned out to be a social experiment where the nude woman became something of a club mascot. Here’s the results to draw your own conclusions since Australia is pretty far away for most readers here….