trumpsandersA wave of media advertising and appearances by the candidates in the upcoming Iowa caucus event scheduled for Feb 1 is shaking up the race. The latest polls suggest that both Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders are headed into the nation’s first political event with momentum, with both headed for possible wins. Donald Trump seems to have been a very big factor by attacking Sen. Ted Cruz over whether his Canadian birth disqualifies him to be elected president according to the “natural born” wording of the constitution. Trump also brought up the old Clinton sex scandals making those events fresh in the minds of voters, seemingly hurting Hillary Clinton’s lead among Democrats, helping give the Sanders effort fresh momentum.

Several of the candidates have launched fresh ads in Iowa in the last week, but the Clinton Campaign launched a fresh ad entitled “Incredible” with sound bites attacking the leading Republicans using their own words, and also using Chelsea Clinton as an advocate, suggesting some sense of concern by the campaign that their lead in the state may now be lost and the campaign has a real sense or urgency.

As in all campaigns, the media always ends up the big winner with up to millions of dollars spent in a relatively small market like Iowa.