bowie_on_tourdavid bowie1david-bowie-success-anxietyDavid Bowie died peacefully surrounded by his family after a brave 18 month battle with cancer. Born David Robert Jones in post-war London in 1947, he eventually changed his stage name from Jones due to the immense popularity of Davy Jones from The Monkees in the 1960’s as he gained more and more respect as an innovative musician who transcended music, art, stage performance and acting to become one of the greatest UK entertainers of all time.

Bowie really rose to great popularity during the Glitter Rock and Glam Rock era in the UK, having a strong friendship with another Glitter Rock giant of the same era. Marc Bolan. Both eventually used the production services of musical genius, Tony Visconti, which brought both Bowie and Bolan some of their greatest moments of popularity and landmark albums that established both as music legends. Bowie and Bolan remained solid friends until Bolan was killed in a fatal 1977 car accident of massive head injuries.

Part of David Bowie’s genius was to constantly re-invent himself, with new personas for his new albums which took many directions including rock, glam, new wave, classical and other styles. His catalog included 26 studio albums, 9 live albums, 111 singles and other awesome achievements.

Although Bowie was able to incorporate his bisexual image into his act, he had been married to two women including Angie Bowie(for whom The Rolling Stones’ song “Angie” had been written about), as well as model, Iman. In 1962, Bowie suffered an eye injury with a friend over a girl, which left him with some disability as well as a red-tint from that eye which also created a unique look for the handsome entertainer.

David Bowie was indeed one of the biggest musical acts ever to come out of the UK, where he was popular all over the world. He was one of few Western acts to be able to play concerts in the old Soviet Union as Russians also loved his music and yearned to see him perform live, creating a small cultural breakthrough in the old system.

Some say that David Bowie went through 12 stages in his career, always keeping himself a relevant and important musical innovator. What a musical genius he was!