Driven by popular stories along with some sensational photo features, WIZBANG POP posted it’s biggest year ever with a record 2,777,535 views in 2015. This was a giant 1,741,600 increase in worldwide reader views over the 1,035,935 views in 2014.

As much as some love stories on celebrities, vintage cars, music or other features, it was the popularity of our photo features that really drove traffic to the site. Our exclusives on vintage Betty White nudes taken over 70 years ago drove more than 1 million views alone last year, where readers searched out other features, with many becoming loyal fans of our site. Sarah Silverman came in second in views this year, with over 320,000 views! Fans of the site really enjoy our mix of news, photos and fun!

WIZBANG POP has readers in virtually every nation in the world except North Korea. Even in many less than free nations, WIZBANG POP has viewers who still log on and love our site! While most of our readers are in the United States or the UK, the site has much popularity in the Mideast with viewers from Israel and the Arab neighbor nations as well. In Canada, Asia, Australia, all over the map. readers love WIZBANG POP.

And, some of the biggest and best businesses in the whole world advertise on WIZBANG POP as well, with Amazon, KIA, and many other giant of business purchasing ad space on the site. These companies know a winner, and WIZBANG POP is bigger than ever in views!wizbangpop-new-layout

Thank you so much to all our loyal readers who made this site such a huge success this past year. Here’s to a bigger and better 2016 and more and more views than ever!