lemmy motorheadIan Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister  has passed away from cancer on December 28. He was the bass player and vocalist for the English hard rock act, Motorhead. Kilmister was also one of the members of Hawkwind, back when he joined back in 1972, marking decades as one of the greatest of hard rock music legends of all time. Motorhead was well known as one of the loudest and longest lasting of the UK hard rock acts. with some albums such as ACE OF SPADES selling very well. The album peaked at #4 on the UK charts and the single peaked at #15.

Motorhead’s latest album, BAD MAGIC, which debuted in August peaked at #10 on the UK charts, and peaked at #35 on the U.S. charts, marking one of their strongest showings of their 22 album releases since 1977. The band also had 29 singles as well, which may surprise many because they were mostly viewed as an album oriented act. Every one of their albums were all distributed on vinyl as LP’s as well, marking something unique to this act when cassettes or cd’s tended to dominate sales for most acts.

Kilmister wanted to be known as “Lemmy”. And, he helped to make Motorhead one of the greatest landmark hard rock acts of all time with a style based on speed and volume both.

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