After the Haggen, Inc. grocery store chain fell into severe money and  eventually bankruptcy problems, 28 of their stores in California and Nevada were ordered to be auctioned off by the federal courts in an effort to make the company profitable. while according to auction results some of the stores were sold for as high as $1.6 million, there were reports that some stores were sold for as little as $1 by KGW Portland that failed to attract buyer interest. That is a sad end to many stores that many customers and observers considered to be an above average grocery retail chain that just failed to make money in some of their locations.

When Albertsons recently purchased Safeway, federal regulators demanded that Albertsons sell some of their locations off to Haggen to prevent a grocery monopoly in some areas. Since then, Albertsons and Haggen have had some legal conflicts that resulted in trading lawsuits and other legal rangling as Haggen was disappointed at the sales at some locations and charged in some lawsuit action they were given too much perishable merchandise in the dealings. haggenhaggen-5points-shelf

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