In an unbelievable disconnected analysis the day after the first democratic debate, the popular media seemed to proclaim that Hillary Clinton had won the first democratic debate, which was held on CNN. NBC News and other popular media sources were quick to proclaim the supposed Clinton win despite one major problem; polls of actual voters after the event gave Bernie Sanders the clear win.

A TIME Magazine poll had Sanders winning with 57%. A poll conducted for GOOGLE CONSUMER had Sanders winning with 43.7%, or 15 points ahead of Clinton. A FOX2NOW poll had Sanders way ahead at 80.72% to Clinton’s weak 14.09%. A CNN focus group informal poll had a big show of hands in favor of Sanders compared to Clinton. Another poll had Sanders over 60%, Webb at 18% and Clinton at just 14%. A NJ.COM poll had Sanders ahead with a huge 71.71%. So, the question is just how was Hillary anointed as the winner by some segments of the popular media here?

Supporters in the popular media seemed to allow their own personal biases to choose to perceive what they wanted to perceive here. In other words, they looked to see what they wanted to see, and then proclaimed their own personal bias as fact. More proof of this should come when Sanders moves up in the polls, gaining some support on Clinton. Clinton likely will not slip much, because she did well enough to reassure her supporters. And, Jim Webb will likely gain some strength as the two weaker candidates, Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee might soon end their campaigns even before Iowa and New Hampshire. Another important element is that Joe Biden probably will not run now, based on the suitable Clinton performance. Clinton was good enough to keep Biden out of the race, but Sanders had more passion, and an ability to attract more support, while Clinton likely didn’t lose much support. democratic-las-vegas-debate-2016-podium-order-large-169democratic-candidates-debate-cnn

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  • Brucehenry

    I like Webb but he was terrible in this debate. Pathetic, whiny, and that creepy grin while he talked about killing the enemy soldier was chilling.

    I though O’Malley did OK. Chafee was hilariously awful.

    • Paul Hooson

      Sadly, I feel that Lincoln Chafee’s entire career was to stand in the shadows of his famous father. Jim Webb does have an appeal among some voters who think we need a more realistic foreign policy when dealing with real threats like ISIS in the world. Clinton did herself some good for sure, but Sanders stood to gain the most, and now will make it a one-on-one effort. But, Trump’s new attack line calling Sanders a “Socialist/Communist” will certainly stick with many voters, and would be costly in a general election.

      • Brucehenry

        Only among that part of the electorate who would never vote for him anyway.

      • fustian24

        Interestingly I was asked to play tennis with his Dad once at the Newport Tennis Hall of Fame, but it rained.