With sales down nearly 90% from it’s peak circulation of over 7 million copies a month at one time to a mere 800,000 units, PLAYBOY Magazine has made a fateful business decision to give up on the their hallmark nudity that once made the magazine a beacon for social liberalism and change. The newly retooled magazine seems to think that this “rebranding” will somehow allow it shelf space at the local supermarkets, sold right next to other “G” rated traditional entries such as FAMILY CIRCLE and READER’S DIGEST. The business geniuses over at PLAYBOY are now so self-convinced that this new “G” rated version of the magazine will somehow allow it to capture a larger share of the declining magazine market for magazines in general.

There are so many problems in this business analysis over at PLAYBOY. One is that the Puritanical nature of America never was completely changed by PLAYBOY by any means. In many large cities across America, it may still be hard to find many newsstands that sell adult magazines like PLAYBOY, hence with few retail outlets, sales will be weak and demand low. If PLAYBOY really changed America, then nudity should be no selling barrier to the magazine. It should be proudly displayed for sale everywhere. Instead, the explosion of Internet adult content has only made nudity a more private and secret activity for many once again, where sexuality on the newsstand is now become less acceptable than what it once was.

Another huge problem is that physical magazine sales have become so much lower than what they ever were in modern times. Books, magazines and newspapers should have become adored in American society by now, despite the Internet and instant news on demand. Something is just plain wrong in a society where many homes have few books, magazines or newspapers. Literature of all types, including magazines like PLAYBOY should all have a place in American homes just as much as a copy of The Bible does. Could you ever envision a society where people claim they only read The Bible Online, and do not own a physical copy? It should not matter whether Kindle or the Internet exist, there should always be a home for physical and not just electronic books, magazines and newspapers.

At one time PLAYBOY CLUBS  were very popular, but then failed. From this, one should not determine that not bars or nightclubs exist in America now, but that PLAYBOY CLUBS  as a business concept failed. PLAYBOY Magazine once sold large numbers of magazines with celebrity feature nudes. And, celebrity feature nudes are very popular here at WIZBANG POP. Maybe, PLAYBOY should look at something really went wrong promoting and distributing their magazine, and just stop blaming the nudes….playboy_MockupCover-Knight

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