After the fall of the Iron Curtain in Hungary in 1989, where porn was considered to be yet another byproduct of so-called “Western decadence”,  a newly liberalized environment in the former Communist land spurred a new homegrown adult film industry. And, with years of Communist mismanagement of the local economy, many young beautiful women sought opportunities from the countryside in the big city of Budapest. One such actress is Sophia Marcella, a striking blonde actress and model who signed a contract with and did three kinky films for Mood including VICTIMIZED 1, VICTIMIZED 2 and PAIN FACTORY 1.

The VICTIMIZED premise is an interesting one, women enroll in an experiment that is prisonlike and submit to old styled prison punishments as the experiment plays out over two films. PAIN FACTORY 1 is a type of adult game show where women answer questions and face some sort of kinky punishment. They decide how far they will go on in the competition which is something akin to a kinky adult version of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, playing for more and more money facing various challenges for cash. In VICTIMIZED 1, Sophia Marcella was more of a background actress, but in VICTIMIZED 2 and PAIN FACTORY 1, the beautiful actress is a main actress, and will really surprise you the intense and wild activity she will submit to.

Mood Pictures offers some very surreal films that play much like some sexual horror films. It’s a very twilight zone world of willing participants who actually enjoy their work very much and often party and horseplay like kids in between the filming. Check out their extensive catalog of films or paid subscription services over at or at where not only the beautiful Sophia Marcella, but many other beautiful actresses are stars in the wild world of Eastern European adult films. sophia marcellasophia marcella2sophia marcella3pearlstoys_003_medium (1)pearlstoys_011_mediumpearlstoys_008_mediumpearlstoys_010_medium (2)

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