For many years, the Lada brand has been Russia’s best selling car brand, with hot selling Priora model selling nearly 90,000 units a year. Not wanting to be outdone in the automobile market against Detroit or  Frankfort, Lada continues to quickly update their models and now is replacing their popular Priora with the newly released Vesta models. Like the popular Priora models, sedan and wagon models are being released, so far no photos of three door hatchbacks seem to be circulating of the upgraded model. But, racing models and a crossover model are planned in the new series of automobiles.

Like Fiat and some other European brands, both the Vesta and Priora make use of automated manual transmissions in addition to manual transmissions. The automated manual transmissions provide better fuel economy and performance than a traditional automatic, where a computer does all the clutch work and the clutch pedal is eliminated. Early versions of automated manual transmissions were prone to lurching and some difficulty at low speeds and parking. But, as the transmissions improved, they became more and more pleasing to drive. The technology level at Lada is very good, where the new Vesta models are very modern in design and a high quality modern product. lada-vesta3lada vesra wagonlada-vesta-ozelliklerilada vesta crossover5Lada-concept-trio-006lada vesra crossdover Screen-Shot-2015-08-27-at-10.52.19-AM-630x323lada vesta iç detaylada vesta6lada-unveils-vesta-wtcc-racing-car-concept-and-it-s-very-yellow-video_2

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