Lara Logan set a high standard as one of the finest foreign reporter journalists ever for the network. She was more than willing to report from many dangerous world hotspots. Then in 2011 while covering the 2011 “Arab Spring” political uprising in Egypt, someone started a rumor in the crowd that the South African-born reporter was a “Jew”, which was not true, and it led to a physical and sexual assault on the journalist where she was stripped, beaten and whipped with small flagpoles and sexually assaulted with the hands of men in the mob forcing their fingers and hands into her private parts. The reporter had been separated from her male photographer, but a number of women in the crowd sought to stop the assault which finally stopped. Logan was hospitalized to recover from her injuries, and just last year, again returned to the hospital again four times with health problems said to be related to her 2011 assault.

In an interview on 60 MINUTES with Scott Pelley, Lara Logan recalled how men in the crowd started to say, “Let’s take her pants off” in Egyptian, horrifying her cameramen which could speak the language. Men then pulled her sweater off and raised her shirt to her neck, then torn her bra off as she felt the cold air on her chest. After her pants and panties were ripped off, men from the crowd took pictures of her exposed body, and then a beating and whipping with flag poles took place, but Logan recalls not really feeling that pain, as she was painfully sexually assaulted from the front and back by many men until her assault was stopped. Big clumps of her blond hair had been pulled from her head as well in the brutal mob attack. It took the reporter a long time to recover physically and emotionally from her attack. Loganx-large

In the last few hours it has been reported that Lara Logan now feels well enough to return to CBS as a reporter, and has signed a new contract with the company. She should be returning to the air shortly, but it is not clear what her news beat will be.

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