Purportedly produced in 1915 and distributed in an underground market, “A FREE RIDE”, is thought to be one of the earliest surviving American-made adult features ever made. Running only 9 minutes long, an actor in an obvious disguise with a fake mustache and a wig and a hat picks up two attractive women who also appear to be wearing Mary Pickford-styled wigs. The film had a mysterious origin as fake names of the producer and others are used in the credits, yet the film has a lot of charm as a very early erotica.

Not much is known about the Gay Paree Picture Company either, but the film made the rounds in houses of prostitution as entertainment or was acquired for private viewing by others for stag parties or other use. The Kinsey Institute even owns a copy of this film as a historic item because it was seen as a significant landmark in very early erotica.

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