77 year old music legend Kenny Rogers used a Friday appearance on THE TODAY SHOW to announce that after a farewell tour, he will be retiring as a musical act. Since 1958, the singer has managed a string of 120 singles and nearly 80 albums. Spanning musical genres that include psychedelic rock, soft rock, pop and country music, the Houston born singer managed to have releases on 11 labels over the years. 60 of his singles charted as top 40 hits. As a county music performer he won numerous awards, making him one of the most honored country artists of all time and has appeared as an actor in 13 movies, most with a western movie theme. His album and hit single, “THE GAMBLER”, also inspired several TV movies as well.

That’s been quite an awesome career to an entertainer who once produced some interesting psychedelic era singles with a rock group sound, but managed to re-invent himself over and over again, before settling into his country music image and sound. kenny rogers

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