Just last week on TV’s #1 comedy, THE BIG BANG THEORY, actress Kaley Cuoco’s character was seen getting married to co-star Johnny Galecki’s character, her former real life boyfriend as well. Well, these two broke up, but on the show the two still portrayed a loving couple. In real life, actress Kaley Cuoco, 29, fell in love with tennis star Ryan Sweeting, 28, and Kaley Cuoco was even insisting that the TV even used her married name as well, so this mutual breakup of her marriage seems to be a sudden event.

Now, the question remains whether the onscreen romance and marriage of the characters on THE BIG BANG THEORY had something to do with this breakup and possibly whether the two may be getting back together in real life.

Stay tuned…There’s a lot more story to be written here….kaley cuoco3kaley cuoco

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