Street performer Special Head(Danny Wolverton) wowed the audience a few seasons ago on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT with a stage version of the old Indian fakir version of their cane levitation trick. It was an impressive performance where he got up to round three before being eliminated from the competition. He managed enough of a celebrity status from his TV appearances to perform some shows at Las Vegas casino parking lot as an entertainer and some other gigs. Besides being a street magic performer, Danny is also a pretty skilled magician.

Recently, Danny has a little more new magic in his life, a girlfriend. Melissa Vento and Danny recently have fallen in love with each other. The two apparently met and then fell in love as a result of Craigslist Rideshare where she needed a ride to the Burning Man event going from Reno to the event. Magic between the two has taken place since!

Now, hold hands you lovebirds…special head vento8melissa ventovento 778special head vento6special head ventospecial head

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  • Royal Seal

    Isn’t him a monk? Q_Q