Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz was booed by members of the audience on Stephen Colbert’s late night talk show last night for his controversial views opposing Gay marriage, but host Stephen Colbert quickly scolded the audience to be respectful of his guest. While many candidates for president have been making the late night tours recently, most have treaded rather carefully on issues, not really attempting to create new controversy that would create negative headlines, so it was kind of surprising that the Gay marriage issue was even raised. Usually, most of these shows do a pre-show interview, where the general direction of the questions are asked, so it was surprising the controversial and divisive issue was to be included as part of the interview.

While Ted Cruz’s appearance probably didn’t help him very much last night, Carly Fiorina probably helped herself much more by appearing both businesslike as well warm for a few minutes, while she did a funny little song about her dog, on Jimmy Fallon’s show.colbert cruz

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  • Scalia

    Actually, Cruz gave a constitutional answer. He correctly pointed out that the 10th Amendment reserves unenumerated powers to the states. Marriage is outside the purview of the federal government.

    By the way, kudos to the host for stopping the booing. It was a fair interview (although I think it’s odd that many interviewers seem to be fixated on that issue when there are far more important matters facing us).

    • Paul Hooson

      Colbert did win praise for demanding that the audience respect his guest and his right to speak his mind on the issues.