As late night talk show hosts Jimmy Fallon and rival Stephen Colbert vied for top dog status by featuring a parade of presidential wanna-be’s this past week, two big stories seemed to emerge. Stephen Colbert’s interview with Vice President Biden proved his heart isn’t really into a presidential run unless his party really demands it. But, political analysts should see something even more newsworthy in Donald Trump’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Trump’s campaign seemed to enter a new phase of being less critical and “in your face” arrogant, and instead impressing that he has a “vision” for the country.

The big keyword here is “vision”. While the other GOP candidates will bog themselves down in attempting to appeal to conservative voters with a few strong views on “red meat” issues, Donald Trump will almost surely surprise the others in the GOP field with his new tactic of painting that he has a “vision” for the country, becoming a mix of a new Ronald Reagan and George Washington. This is what wins elections.

At this point in time, Donald Trump has also proven another Ronald Reagan quality, to have a “teflon” personality, where any number of absurd pronouncements could have brought down his campaign, but have not. Any damage was minimal so far.

All in all, this leaves Donald Trump in a very strong position to not only win the GOP nomination, but to pull off a convincing general election win, much like the 1980 win of Ronald Reagan over President Carter since the Democrats appear to be in disarray with Hillary Clinton’s campaign fortunes sagging, Bernie Sanders not really electable, and Vice President Biden not really wanting to run. None of this is not to say that Donald Trump’s campaign so far has been an usual and unconventional one. And there are still many months in this long campaign. But, Donald Trump has only surprised everyone so far. And only promises many more big surprises before this long campaign is over… donald trump make america great

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  • Commander_Chico

    I agree, he could win. He has to solve his “madman” problem before I would vote for him.