The new CBS dramedy, LIFE IN PIECES will likely face a quick cancellation for a number of reasons. Dramedy genre shows have never lasted long on any network with the exception of THE OFFICE, which came across as a parody of a workplace documentary film and did allow for some goofy moments. With the failure of the last Robin Williams comedy vehicle, THE CRAZY ONES, CBS should have learned their lesson that something passed off as a comedy will fail if there are few laughs. It doesn’t matter how good the actors are, or how well produced the feature is. CBS is making the very same mistake once again here with LIFE IN PIECES. It may have a starpower cast, and is well produced, but that makes all of the same mistakes made that doomed THE CRAZY ONES. Audiences want to laugh at a comedy, and dramedies are often nearly as entertaining as watching paint dry.

A sharply written script won’t help either when the viewing audience over at CBS really really wants a traditional sitcom instead. Look at the really successful CBS comedy shows and THE BIG BANG THEORY  and not THE CRAZY ONES needed to be the role model formula here.

My best guess is that viewers should catch the new CBS show while they can. It commits all of the same mistakes that quickly doomed THE CRAZY ONES, yet the really crazy thing was to give this failed formula another chance to fail here. Life-in-Pieces

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