In the 1960’s Dean Jones was a durable and reliable “nice guy” actor that Disney could always count on. THE LOVE BUG, THE MILLION DOLLAR DUCK, THAT DARN CAT!, MONKEYS, GO HOME, THE HORSE IN THE GREY FLANNEL SUIT and THE SHAGGY D.A. were all box office family movie hits for Disney. But, as Disney’s management evolved, with less connections to the old Walt Disney days organization, and the company decided to complete with films with a wider appeal, jobs for Dean Jones dried up for the actor who once appeared in the 1957 film, JAILHOUSE ROCK, with Elvis. Jones became typecast by the Disney films with few new opportunities. An alcohol related accident helped him become a devout born again Christian by 1973, where he later founded an organization that would aid both Christians and Jews persecuted because if their faith.

Jones did manage some supporting roles in remakes of some of old Disney hits as well an appearance in a SAVED BY THE BELL movie and enough smaller jobs to keep himself busy as an actor until 2008. Part of the time, he did turn down some roles which he objected to faith grounds, but he is best beloved and remembered for his huge 1960’s and 70’s hits for Disney.

The Alabama-born actor will be greatly missed as a true nice guy. dean jonesdean jones7dean jones887DEANJONES3dean-jones-featherbie-goes-monte-carlo-dean-jones-dvd-cover-artmillion-dollar-duck-dean-jones-dvd-cover-artLoveBug_GBQThat+Darn+Cat+Poster+3


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