Despite being just a tiny 0.2% of the world’s population, the Jewish race has more than a fair share of true hotties! Some are models, students, housewives, comics or actresses. Some are celebrities, while others deserve to be. So go ahead and indulge yourself and enjoy these babes here. Don’t feel guilty, they’re all kosher here…gina gershon8876gina gershon67elizabeth berkley1elizabeth-berkley-05Phoebe Cates - Fast Times at Ridgemont High_4phoebe-cates-20Selma Blair (40)Selma Blair (41)selma blairsarah silverman8sarah silverman7sara-silverman-nude4Chelsea Handler (11)Chelsea Handler (14)Chelsea Handler (20)Sandra Bernhard (1)-horzSandra Bernhard (13)jewish hottie9jewish hottie1jewish hottie3jewish hottie5suebernard13suebernard14suebernard15Amanda-Peet-Topless-In-Jeans-In-Togetherness-08-580x435AMANDA PEET GUNamanda peet blowjob simulationamanda_peet3amanda_peet4mila

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  • Paul Hooson

    Oy Vey! Seems we had one keen observer who identified the model with the Star Of David painted on as model Petra Nemcova for a fashion show, who now turns out to be the only nonJewish girl here! Will I ever live it down! But, she looks hot here, so should we keep up here or not gentlemen?

    • merl1

      It can’t be unseen. Keep it.

  • Tanuki Man

    Race? A religion is a race?

    • Paul Hooson

      Actually, we’re a tribe with a Mideastern origin who largely have our own faith.

      • Tanuki Man

        I’ll accept anything you say as long as you can come up with the name of the woman in the blue dress!

        • Paul Hooson

          She’s so awesome! I wish I knew her name. Awesome beautiful breasts! – Down below, Amanda Peet is pretty hot and funny both!

          • Tanuki Man

            Amanda Peet is pretty hot (though less funny) up top as well….

  • SaTaNhAtEsJoOz

    Some of them might have nice boobs or butts, but, ALL of those joo ho’s have ONE thing in common, well, two, one is they ARE all whores, two is that they

    ARE all UGLY face skanks!

    And c’mon, whats the “0.02% bulshit, joos ARE EVERYWHERE and filth up EVERY nation on EARTH and do try and take them all over ten businesses at a time!
    BTW capt. cluelessjoo, Hollyjoowood IS 99.9999999% Heeb filled, which IS why 99.999999999% of movies and TV shows all suck and are so dumb and gay!!

    Amanda peet has tiny funky tits and a horseface, if you thunk she’s “hot” than you need thicker glasses, Melvin Goldstien moron!

    • Team Nobody

      Hi Hitler