Killing the messenger? For no apparent reason during a typical morning news broadcast a young reporter and her cameraman were ambushed and shot dead live on camera. Alison Parker had just turned 24 on August 19, while her cameraman, Adam Ward was 27. Both were filming one of those noncontroversial little morning “chit chat” segments for local TV on local tourism when they were ambushed with multiple shots ringing out. When the cameraman appeared to fall with the camera, it was unclear just what had happened during the live newscast. Both were employees for  a local CBS station in Virginia.

The gunman is on the loose, but one theory is that he may be a disgruntled employee who wanted revenge on the station. The story is developing…alison parker bridgewateralison parker_ward976alison-parker-intvualison parker2alison parker3alisin parker3 gunman-337463alison parker gunman stillalison-shooter-video-2

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  • Vagabond661

    The media ought to advocate for gun free zones around their newscasts. There. That should do it.

    • Paul Hooson

      You can’t predict some bizarre event like this. Many war reporters have been killed by snipers for example, but you don’t expect gunfire during some noncontroversial public events broadcast like this.

      • Vagabond661

        Well they it works for schools and movie theaters. Maybe this will open their eyes a little.