A 35 year old Roman Catholic priest is on the run from the law after, and may have fled the country to escape criminal charges that he installed a phony electric plate in  the church men’s room which was actually a spy camera to photograph minor boys using the toilet. Father Ysrael Bien was a priest at St. Francis Church in Sherwood, Oregon. And according to an investigation, he had purchased the spy camera for $300 from a security company designed to look like a wall electrical plug. When a 15 year old boy went to use the toilet, he noticed that a supposed electrical plug appeared to be installed in a funny place, then he noticed that it was actually a spy camera. He told the priest what he discovered, and the priest claimed that he would call the police. Instead, Father Bien never called the police and hid the spy camera and then suddenly left the church and may have fled the country for his native Philippines.

Sadly, the Catholic Archdiocese didn’t denounce his actions, but instead suggested that the priest may be on vacation or something, “on leave” at the time. Father Bien is also a well known priest for attacking the Gay community and opposing same sex marriage, although the purpose of the camera was to photograph males using the toilet for his own sexual purposes. Fr.-Ysrael-Bien-800x675

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