Yvonne Craig, who often appeared in teenage-type beach movies as a bikini girl and later as Batgirl on the 1960’s BATMAN series has died after a long battle with breast cancer. Craig managed to land many small roles in both movies and TV, such as “Marta” the green alien slave girl in an episode of STAR TREK. She also landed roles in THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., THE WILD, WILD WEST, LAND OF THE GIANTS  as well movies as diverse as GIDGET and IN LIKE FLINT, the James Coburn spy flick. Strangely, twice she appeared in movies with other actors who later would be her fellow BATMAN cast members.

Sadly, Yvonne Craig had joined the BATMAN series at a bad time during the third year, when the ratings were falling and the show was trimmed back to a single self-contained episode a week. Much of the time, the Batgirl character seemed like a unneeded and unnecessary third wheel. But, Yvonne Craig’s character was popular enough with fans that after ABC decided to cancel the series, NBC considered purchasing the series if the Burt Ward Robin character was dropped and Batman teams up with Batgirl. Adam West objected to dropping his pal, Burt Ward, from the series. Further, some stage hands took it on themselves to destroy sets used in the show such as the Batcave, where it would have cost NBC a huge amount of money to replace what the stage hands had destroyed, effectively dooming the show from a fourth or maybe fifth seasons.Yvonne_Craig_insert_courtesy_Craigyvonne craig533211ryiooYvonne Craig Yamaha190yvonne craig 8856422Yvonne craig ModernManJan68_01yvonne craig manyvonne craig445yvonne  craig87565yvonne craig89yvonne craig4yvonne craig3Yvonne_Craig_Marta_Orion_Star_Trekyvonne craig66433234345r4

Especially during the 1960’s, Yvonne Craig was an attractive and durable actress in many TV shows and movies.

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